CTS Selection Procedure

CTS Selection Procedure

CTS has 3 stages for recruitment

1. PPT.
2. Aptitude Test.
3. HR and Technical.

OMR based test
No of questions: 55
Time duration: 60 minutes
2 Sections
Section1 – Analytical ability (30 questions in 30 minutes)
Section2- Verbal ability (Based on English, 25 questions in 30 minutes)
No negative marks
Sectional cut offs

The T.P.O, introduced himself and started with the PPT session, it was good and inspiring, then our senior and our 2 college representative (who visited to CTS for 3days) shared their experience on Cognizant. After 30-45 mints of PPT session we were asked to get ready for the Aptitude test, TPO divided students into several rooms (30/room).

An OMR sheet (data sheet) was given to fill-up, followed by two question papers (2-sections).
Total 55 questions were there for 60 mints time,
Section 1-Analytical Ability (30 ques in 30 mints),
Section 2-Verbal Ability (Based on English,25 ques in 30 mints),
No Negative marking but sectional cut-offs were there.
HR said that if anyone can’t score required mark in analytical, his verbal section is not checked.

Section -1- Analytical Ability (30 ques in 30 mints)
For analytical (Areas to concentrate)
1. Puzzles (4Ques)
2. Figure-Odd-1 (1ques)
3. Syllogism ( including 2 statements which are mostly asked)….(2 ques)
4. Coding decoding(4Ques)
5. Logical connectives
6. Data sufficiency
7. Data interpretation (2)
8 Pie chart and table
8. Statement-Conclusion.
9. Blood relation.
10. Cube and dice.
11Statement inference (true or false like)……(2 ques)
12Figure Sequence(4Ques)

1Two or more essences out of a stock of five essences A, B, C, D, and E are used in making all perfumes by a manufacturer. He has learned that for a blend of essences to be agreeable it should comply with all the rules listed below.
A perfume containing A, should also contain the essence C, and the quantity of C should be twice as that of A.
A perfume containing B, must also have D as one of its components and they should be in equal proportion.
A single perfume should never contain C as well as D.
D and E should not be used together.
A perfume containing the essence E should contain E in such a proportion that the total amount of E present should be greater than the total amount of the other essence or essences used.
1. Among the following which is an agreeable formula for a perfume?
A) One part A, one part E
B) Two parts B, two parts A
C) Three parts C, three parts A
D) Four parts D, four parts B
E) Five parts E, five parts B
Ans : D

2. Adding more amount of essence C will make which of the following perfumes agreeable?
A) One part A, one part C, five parts E
B) Two parts B, two parts C, two parts E
C) One part B, one part C, one part E
D) Two parts B, one part C, four parts E
E) Two parts C, one part D, three parts E
Ans : A

3. Among the following, the addition of which combination would make an unagreeable perfume containing two parts C and one part E agreeable?
A) One part A
B) One part B
C) Two parts C
D) One part D
E) Two parts E
Ans : E

4. Among the following which combination cannot be used together in an agreeable perfume containing two or more essences?
A) A and B
B) A and N
C) A and E
D) B and D
E) E and C
Ans : A

5. Among the below mentioned formulas, which can be made agreeable by the eliminating some or all of one essence ?
A) One part A, one part B, one part D, four parts E
B) One part A, two parts C, one part D, four parts E
C) One part A, one part B, one part D, one part E
D) Two parts A, two parts C, one part D, two parts E
E) Two parts B, one part C, two parts D, three parts E
Ans : B

Section-2- Section 2-Verbal Ability (Based on English,25 ques in 30 mints)
For verbal:
1. Error in sentences.(10Ques)
2. Rearrange.
3. Passage.(2 Big Passage)(10Questions)
4 Jumble Sentence
Verbal section seems to be little tough as u find no time to complete it…..But good practice makes ur way…. The verbal section was most difficult.

3. HR and Technical.
Panels were allotted to the selected candidates, there were 30 panels, and 12-15 students were allotted to each.The interview session began 1:1 interview, Technical and HR was combined, and the single man that was sitting on the other side was more than enough to make us realize that he was from CTS and the questions won’t be as smooth as we were thinking. Guys whatever you’ll write on your resume prepare this things very well and guys from CSE, IT please do prepare C, Java, data structure, DBMS, Software engg and SQL query very carefully. Core guys prepare C, data structure and departmental subjects. Please remember that, the technical part is most important in third round. As a CSE, IT people you should have good technical knowledge.
C,JAVA,Data Structures,DBMS,
Software Engg-SQL query
IT Students should have good Technical Knowledge

HR Questions
1Tell me about yourself?

2. What’s your short and long term goal?

3. Why do you want to join our company?

4. Why I hire you and why i don’t hire you?

5. What will you do if you are not selected?

6. Do you have any question?

7. Your strengths and weakness?

8. Expectations from Cognizant?

9.As you are a IT student, what are the most interesting changes/inventions have been take place in last 5 years

10which is your preferable language

11what are the properties of oops

12what is polymorphism?then overloading,overriding,run time polymorphism

13what’s Oracle?

14Our project is on LMS

15What’s use case diagram and discuss this?

16What’s referential integrity?

17What’s ER diagram?

18What’s cardinality ratio?

19Do you know C?

20What’s the difference between array and structure?

21What’s the difference between structure and union?

22Do you know pointer?

23Write the code to print this using pointer

24Do you know java?

25What’s inheritance?

26What’s Java?

27Tell me the difference between Stack & Queue.

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