HELLO guys, Its BNM From NIT Rkl under metallurgy lemme aquaint u all with essar selection process held at NIT ROURKELA on 29th Aug ’08
Company:–Essar Group
Eligibility Criteria:- age not more than 22 yr 5 month…(i.e for us its such that yr of birth not before 1 april 1986)
Posting :- Paradeep (major port of orissa from where raw iron ore exported to JAPAN)
Package- 3.8 lakh—//6 month training period

Selection procedure:–
2 elimination round for selection

1)Online Test( 4 parts:- Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning , English , Technical Section) each section having 50 ques, time:- 2 hrs
for online test you’ll proceed to, during test around 15 web pages having spsfc nos ques with timer running warn u at each time , be cautious for that thing

2)Interview( HR CUM TECHNICAL)
Technical section was very easy,,,,u can be able to do more than 80% correct within 1/3rd of given time,,those dont need much time,,,only time taking , clumsy part is analytical reasoning, …so be careful for that try to answer as qik as possible wrt running timer,,,dont loose or confidence  n patience,,,
i can remember technical part which were as follows,,,
50 ques,,, i could solve within 15 min
1)lLedeburite ? ans= pearlite + fe3c
2)fcp– nos of effective atoms? =4
3).8%C steel has ?  =100% pearliite  (4)curie point of pure iron ? =768.c
5)melting pt order ? mn< gold<iron< carbon

Topics to be referred: Physical metallurgy, Iron making, steel making, nonferrous, electrometallurgy, foundry , m/cl working etc.,,
Book for reference:–Aravind kumar ,,objective metallurgy
After online test direct interview was taken,, NO GD ELLIMINATION ROUND WAS THERE,due to lack of enough candidates.
Gerally,every interview system has  HR round and Technical round. u Guys need not be worried that a depth technical knowledge is reqd. so they got confused and perform badly, Its noteworthy that, any1 can grab opportunity by impressing interviewr thro’ hr round only,,,
Use high profile , most professional language with proper body language. courage n confidence r key 2 sucess//fearful n nervousness r key 2 failure

opening d door…may i come in sir…
HR: yes plz, have sit
me:Thank u sir,
HR :-  Tell Something About Yourself
me:- Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character values, vision and action. I am quick in learning from mistakes. I am confident that the various tests that you have conducted will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the job.
Hr: can i have ur CV plz…oh sorry ur cv consist of 3 papers,,its cumbersome 2 take with us
me: (smiling…)but nt for me, in my file it consumes 2 leaf only.
Hr: wow, ur hobby; thriller story writing, can u write nw plz
me: yes sir, but it will take a lot of times 2 think n analyse but i dont want 2 waste time in doing so, but i can tell my approach, my writings r based on that curious fact happening worldwide which can’t be undrstd by layman, how gltu, weakness r hidden inside innocense outlook
Hr: do u think u r good n how? (ur strength ?)
me:yes, wrt my nit experince , i think i’m sincere n hardworker,4 wich i can do extra work 2 accomplish any hard task,also, i’ve strng interpersonal skills,i’ve skill 2 get along welll with ppl
Hr : like to work at any place?
me: if situation permits i can go 2 any part of india or even abroad to take active part in success /gth of comp.

y secondary steel making, wat r they, wats tundish, for making shaft of bikes wat type of steel(ans=.25-.65 c steel)
Tricky Technical question:-
Q:-if u’ve given some metal, u r asked 2 make desired product, wat will be ur plannings?
Ans:- 1.mechanical working, 2)by taking metal as scrap melt it ,also add some alloying elements==get a good qlty product….etc
(N.B.- in addition u must keep 1 imp thing in mind ,is economy factor while designing products)
sir, in addition i’ll try my best 2 find d way of b8r economical consideration (like Mn is cheaper than Ni for making austenitic steel.etc think some other)
So to impress interviewr u gather paramount knowledge on >Iron making >steel making >Heat treatment of steel…..Overlook idea about casting , m/cl wrking.. in addition ,have a good idea bout indstrial trainng
If u wanna gain skill to get thro’ any HR Round , follow “Gr8 tips 2 handle HR”  published under ESSAR-PLACEMENT PAPER

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