Gajshield Placement-Paper

Hello friends,

A Pool Campus of 4-5 colleges was held for the placements at Gajshield. Presentation about the company explained all the details needed 2 be known for a job seeker. Do pay attention to it.

The test consisted of 2 Sections General-Aptitude (15 Questions) & Technical-C Language(20 Questions). No Negative Marking. Time alloted was 1hour. Questions asked were simple & solvable with min, Calculations.

Some of the Questions which i can recollect were:

A. Technical
1. Which Statement is true.. options given. Question was regarding compilers memory space in comparison with that of interpreter.
2. Output of c?
char c;
If known dat Lower case alphabets hv greatr ASCII Values den dat of Upper case.

3. Which frm d listd is used 2 input multiple string data?

In some Questions programs were given with alternatives & we had 2 choose the correct alternative 2 the Problem statement mentioned.

B. General Aptitude
1. If its 12 noon now. Then, by how much angle d hour hand moved 2 cross 10 mintes past five?

2. If a-b=3 & a2-ab+b2 =29. Then ab=?

3. Ram had money worth Rs. 480 wid denominations of 1 rp, 5 rp & 10 rp only. If d no. of notes/coins of each denomination was d same, then what is d total no. of notes/coins he had?

Also, problems included topics of Train, Age, Work & ratio, Time, Quantative problem( x no. of items , y no. of items wid deir cost.. calculate cost of x/y)

Refer R. S. Aggrawal for the Quantitative section.

After clearing the Aptitude, there was 1st Technical interview over there itself.

2nd Technical interview & HR interview was to be held at their Head Office.

My Advice: Attempt Apti a cool mind. Do not b in a hurry. Avoid Silly Mistakes. Since, dere was no -ve Marking, mark all answers even though not calculated.

Although i could not cleared d apti, i hope it will surely help you 2 do so & make yourself get placed in a new Technically branded Company.

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