HCL Placement-Paper

Hi Dudes,

This is Sreekanth, pursing BE (CSE) in SCSVMV University (Kanchipuram). on 9-1-2011, HCL came to my campus for campus recruitment.
The written exam was conducted by aspiring minds and it consists of 4 sections
1) Verbal-24questions-30 mins
2) Aptitude-25 questions-35 mins
3) Reasoning-25 questions-35 mins
4) Computer programing-25-35 mins
Among the four sections verbal is little bit difficult.
Remaining 2 sections aptitude and reasoning are dead easy only for clarity refer in www.aspiringminds.com you will get 12 sample questions on each section and also syllabus. (But first you have to register you are self)

LCM, HCF, pipes, logarithms (important), surds, probability, permutation and combination are very important and just revise intermediate JP’s eamcet material for (probability) only.

Reasoning just follow R.S Aggarwal, it’s more than enough mainly they are asking series which are dead easy, coding and decoding very easy, puzzle test and they are touching all concepts in reasoning but they are very easy.

Computer programing, they are not concerned on one particular language, for cse students it is very easy, other departments don’t forget to prepare concepts like data structures stack implementation, sorting algorithms just concept, main important space complexity, time complexity, asymtotic notations.

Total 250 students appeared for written exam, only 91 students got selected for next round.

One more important thing verbal section is important based on these section only they filter in written exam. I had taken my interview at evening 5’0 clock; They are 5 pannels, 4 pannels concentrated more only on HR. Only one pannel fully concentrated on Technical. by God grace I went to technical HR

Questions are very simple
HR: First he asked me to fill a form
HR: After a thorough glance at my resume, he asked me “what type of scholar ship you got” (from my resume)
Me: I explained
HR: Do you know Java?
Me: I told I know only basics of Java
HR: He asked questions on threads and C debugging then he asked about my project
Me: I explained. He was impressed with my explanation
HR: He asked simple subroutine in C to write (to check our basic knowledge) that’s it  he asked to me to leave.

Finally results were announced at 7:30 pm, out of 91 they sort listed 71 students

I got my name and now I’m be the member of HCL.
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