IBS Placement-Paper

 IBS came in our college on January 7th 2011,in my college Rajagiri  engg college,cochin

Hi friends
IBS has 3 procedures for their recruitment
1. witten test
2. Group discussion
3. Techncial and hr

IBSaptitudewas quite tough. It had 3 sections. no negative marks and no sectional cutt off.
sections were of 1,2 & 3 marks. quantitative aptitude by r.s. agrawal is enough to clear it.
Questions will be mainly from pipes and cistern, train, streams, calendar clocks. 1 mark section will b very easy.

IBS groupdiscussion
My GD topic was “beauty contest a humiliation to women”.remember to listen when others speak and in between tell your views.
Dont go for too much speaking. that can cause you out of GD. just make sure u were part ot the GD.

IBS technical and hr
HR was the best part. the interviewer was so friendly that u dnt hav any tension. he’l mainly ask abt ur family and projects.
so be prepared to deliver the best and keep smiling…..

most cleared apt and GD. but HR was the eliminator….

so give your best shot. u’l definetly go thru. SEE U IN IBS

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