Yesterday we had an off-campus of KPIT-Cummins at St.Thomas’ College of Engg. & Tech. in Kolkata. I was in Gr. B and was informed that we were supposed to be there by 9:45AM. I arrived there at about 9:20. We found a huge crowd outside the college gate. We soon came to know that Group A, which was supposed to give their exam from 8:45 onwards had not commenced yet and it would be around 10:00 until we can get in at least within the campus. Certainly at about 10:30 we got in and were told to stay inside a huge hall at the top floor of the college building. We came to know that Gr.A is still waiting downstairs just like us… because the question papers had not arrived. It was around 11:00 when the questions finally arrived in a huge black suitcase sealed from outside in a Mahindra Voyager like car. After Gr A completed their exam we were immediately told to go to the rooms as per our Hall Ticket number… what?? No slideshow or company introduction?… ok… cant help it.. The exam started around 12:50.

It was a 35 question 30 minutes test. Part 1 was 20 questions mostly maths related involving Linear Arrangement(5),Data Sufficiency(3) and some simple problems. Part2 was English part which had only Sentence Correction. They had negative marking and the cutoff was set at 30 (which I later came to know). The exam was pretty easy for me. I did 20 in part 1 and 13 in part 2. After the exam was over they told us to wait till 2:00PM in class for the results. It was a sharp shred-off. From Group B they selected 34 candidates and from group A and C about 32 each only. I was in. Parting from all but one of my friends we were told to be in the Seminar Hall by 2:30.

At 2:50 they came and divided the 34 students into 3 groups 1(11),2(11) and 3(12). That means we would be having a GD! what??… most of us knew there would be any GD since it was not in the notice. Well.. we are not the persons here who make decisions. The GD was my worst nightmare. We were given a topic.. Aishwarya V/s Sushmita..  A girl( a real idiot.. sorry but i cant help.. none of us in the group could). She started speaking on sushmita Sen and it was endless and baseless.. She kept on saying that she is great she is not proud.. and what and what not.. she spoke almost 8 out of 12 minutes just like background music(noise). She wouldnt let others speak just by saying baseless words with no points to support her ideas. Even if she didnt stop we never gave up and we kept talking which resulted in a chaotic situation. After the disaster was over we were told to sit and wait till 4:30. Two other girls in the group went and talked to the Madame who was supervising the GD and she said that our group was a spoil. They explained what was wrong but the damage had already been done. At around 5 PM results were out. So was I. But my friend qualified for the next round and will be facing the technical and hr today(i.e.12/07/05). My best wishes for him. Out of a total of around 1400 students only 35 were told to come next day for technical & HR. Lets hope at least 1% gets the job.

To my greatest astonishment that girl was through. Neither the girl nor do the supervisor of the GD seemed to know what a GD is. May I help… It means “GROUP” Discussion. There are certain rules that you follow..
>Speak and let others speak
>Bring out concrete points to support what u say
>If someone is not speaking much ask him to speak out
>Do not repeat what you have said once.. this makes the supervisor feel you dont have much points.
>discuss with only the members of the group
I dont think the selectors look for any of these qualities in GD. Being a girl is more important to them. All selectors, be it Sir or Madame, have a soft corner for the girls. If you are a beautiful girl then there are many jobs at your feet even if you say… “What is a HaArd DiskK?”. They think that this improves “Work Environment” but I doubt the fact that any constructive “Work” is done in such an “Environment”. Sigh!

Company name: kpit-cummins
off-campus venue: st.thomas engg. College ,kolkata
date: 11/07/2005 for aptitude and gd.
group discussion
human resource
type: written test
time: 30 minutes
marks: 35(+1 for correct , -0.25 for wrong)
cutoff: 30
pattern: 20 analytical , 15 english
each question has 5 choices
linear arrangement
data sufficiency
miscellaneous questions
sentence correction
linear arrangement:
there are 6 steps that lead from the first to the second floor. No 2 people can be on the same step. Mr.a is 2 steps below mr.c. Mr.b is a step next to mr.d. Only one step is vacant.

1] If mr.a is on the first step which of the following is true?
[A] mr.b is on the second step.
[B] mr.c is on the fourth step.
[C] a person mr.e could be on the 3rd step
[d] mr.d is on a higher step than mr.c(correct)
[e] none of these

2] If mr.e is on the 3rd step & mr.b was on a higher step than mr.e which step must be vacant?
[A]step 1(correct)
[b]step 2
[c]step 4
[d]step 5
[e]step 6

3] If mr.b was on step 1, which step could a be on?
[A]2 & 3 only
[b]3 & 5 only
[c]3 & 4 only(correct)
[d]4 & 5 only
[e]2 & 4 only

4]If there are 2 steps between a and b and a is at a higher step than d, a must be on step:

5] Which of the following is false
I. B & d can be both on odd numbered steps in one configuration
ii. In a particualr configuration a & c must be either both on odd numbered steps or both on even numbered steps.
Iii. A person e can be on a step next to a vacant step.
[A] I only
[b] ii only
[c] iii only
[d] both I & iii(correct)
[e] both I & ii
data sufficiency

Q] what will be the height of the shadow cast by a person standing near a 20 ft light post.
I. The height of the person is 6 ft
ii. The distance between man and pole is 10 ft.
Ans: I and ii both are required for sufficiency.

Q] what is the distance between a and b
I. Distance between a & c is 20 km
ii. Distance between b & c is 35 km
ans: both are not sufficient.

Q] mischelle wrote a book called “some big name I dont recall”. Was the book published in 1978?
I. Mischelle should get a royalty of $1000 for the book
ii. Mischelle earned more than $1000 in 1978.
Ans: both are not sufficient.
Miscellaneous questions

Q] she is my grandmother’s only son’s daughter. Who is she to me?
[e]none of them (correct – answer should be sister)

Q] if 9x-3y = 12 and 3x-5y = 7 then what is 6x-2y = ?

Q] there are 200 questions and time is 3 hours out of which 50 questions are from maths. If time alloted for maths problems is twice of that others, what is the time required for one maths question.
Ans:1/50 hr

Q] m persons plan to share the price of a gift. However when they went to buy 3 of them did not arrive. How much did each person pay for the gift?

Q] a 15 lt mixture contains water with 20% alcohol. If 5 more litres of water is added to the mixture what is the percentage of alcohol?

Q] for every correct answer 4 is awarded but for a wrong answer 2 is deducted. If there are a total of 150 questions and sukanya scores 480 how many answers of sukanya were correct?

Q] mahua gets his salary on sunday. She spends a quarter of her salary on monday and 2/3 of the remaining on tuesday. How much of her salary remains for the rest of the week?

Q] in an auditorium(or an aeroplane I dont remember) each row had 2 double seats and 3 single seats. If there are r number of rows then what is the total number of seats?
Ans: n=(2*2r+3r)

Q] in a classroom there are x girls and y boys. What part of the class are girls?

Q]when will you get maximum value for x if it lies between 0 to 1.
Ans: 1/x

Q] one tap can fill a tank in 30 minutes. Another tap can fill the same in 20 minutes. How will it take for them to fill together. Something like that I cant remember.
There is one more question I cant recall right now but was equally easy.
Sentence correction
this part was also easy. You require class 10 level knowledge of english. They had given 15 such questions. Each question consists of a sentence with some part of it underlined. All you need to do is to select among the 5 choices the best one that fits in.

Q] as a basketball player one should be good in (dribbling,running and pass) the ball.
[A]dribbles, runs and passes
[b]dribbling, running and passing (correct)
[c]dribbling, running and to pass
[d]dribble, run and pass
[e]dribblling, jumping and passing

Q] when sumit is not working he can (cook or watch) tv.
[A] cook and watch
[b] cooking and watching
[c] either watch or cook
[d] watch the cook
[e] either cook or watch (correct)

Similar questions were there
group discussion
topic for our group is:
aishwarya v/s sushmita
what I said:
aishwarya – chosen as the international face for loreal hair color
aishwarya – softness in character.
Aishwarya – beauty and elegance in a single package
sushmita – not much involved in bollywood.
Sushmita – cannot perform well in serious scenes
others said:
aishwarya – among top 10 world most beautiful women
year when they became miss universe and world etc.
Cannot be compared- to which I said that thats what we r supposed to do
sushmita – too tall for indian actors.
Sushmita – joyous character
aishwarya – did films in hindi,bangla,english.(I added – versatile)
sushmita – only hindi.
A stupid girl – I love sush because…..
It is hard to remember because there was a great deal of background noise. I Think you know who made that noise
I Could have added:
aishwarya- no kissing scene in movies. Respects indian culture
aishwarya- proposed sometime back by some space project leader or something. Said if u marry me the next space project will be named aishwarya. Her name would be in space. Aishwarya has refused till date.
I Couldnt get through the gd. But I hope that this material will be of help to all my fresher pals.

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