Syntel Placement-Paper

Hello Friends,

I’m S.Anith From Hello Friends,

I’m S.Anith From Mepco Schlenk Engg., College, Sivakasi. Here is my SYNTEL campus placement Experience.


Almost 170 students attended. Among them 34 students are shortlisted for technical interview. Finally 15 students are shortlisted for HR Interview. Finally 8 Students are selected.


Recruitment Process consists of

1. Online Test

2. Technical Interview

3. HR Interview


1. Online Test:

It consists of 5 sections which include Quantitative Aptitude, Series Completion&Coding,Comprehension, Correcting Sentence, Articles&Prepositions.
For Quantitative Aptitude, Series Completion – R.S. Agarwal is more than sufficient. Only thing is that you must complete within very short time. Each section contains 14 questions to be answered within 6min. For this hand practise and logical thinking is very essential.  For success in aptitude you should think as an Engg., and solve as a 10th std., student. Time management is very essential.
For Correcting Sentence, Articles&Prepositions –Wren & Martin is more than sufficient. Practise tenses, articles and prepositions on Wren & Martin. Regular pracise and Speaking correct English will make u to clear this section very easily.
Correcting Sentence – in the test they have asked us to identify the wrong parts in the Sentence. Reading comprehension is very easy. For this u must fast reading & understanding habit.


Each section has sectional cut-off.


2. Technical Interview:

I am an ECE student. So my interviewer asked me related to the subjects that i have come across. At first he had asked me about my area of interest. My area of interest is Computer networks. He asked me about network, diff., between bus and star ,internet,browser, lan.
Then he asked me about TLW subject, wifi, working of cellphone, losses in transmission lines and how to overcome it. And some more questions that i can’t remember now.
My interview lasted morethan 40 min.
Most important thing is that u should have parctical knowledge about the things that u have come across. In my panel almost 15 students attended, among them only 2 are selected.

In  other panel  C,C++ are asked.


3. HR Interview:

It lasted for 20 mins
The questions are:

1. Introduce urself.

2. Why want to hire u.

3. Tell about the website u come across to know about syntel: I said Freshersworld .com.

He then asked me the procedure to go the syntel profile. I’ve explained him. Finally he was satisfied about my performance. He asked me to wait for the result.
English grammar is more essential thing while speaking. More students are eliminated becuse of this in this round.
The result was announced by 7:15pm. I‘m the 4th person among the 8. I felt very happy, no words to express my joy. Do well. I pray the almighty for all of ur success in placement. See you all at Syntel
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