Tata steel new and latest placement paper

Tata steel new and latest placement paper questions for assistant manager /managerĀ 

Hi Friends Im sharing my experience Tata Steel written test questions based on my memory this will help you friendsĀ 


Tata steel questions (EXAM held on 17/11/2013 for assistant manager/manager)

1 What is absolute zero temperature?
2 What is the function of air vassal for reciprocating pump?
3 write the expression of deformation due to self weight.
4 Principle superposition.
5 What is mohars circle?
6 what is modulas of toughness?
7 what is control volume?
8 Write Vandervals equation.
9 What is vaccume? how it can be measured?
10 What is steady flow process?
11 Different between flush and butt welding?\
12 What is a mechanism?
13 what is digree of freedom?
14 What is crowining of pulley?
15 Difference between colidal and involute teeth?
16 Define elastic collision?

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