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Hello all,
Zensar conducted a pool placement at Pimpri chinchwad college of Engineering, Pune on 3rd January, 2011
Out of 10 participating colleges, there were 400 students who took the test, 63 were shortlisted and finally 30 were selected.
There was an online test of 60 mins which had the following sections.
1) General aptitude (consisting of english, Quantitative and reasoning) 30 questions for 30 mins
2) C and SQL technical section for 20 mins and 10 mins respectively.

The general aptitude section was comparatively easy. Please do the last 5 years papers of this company. It helps a lot. Do english and verbal and non verbal reasoning a lot, because the quantitative section was quite easy. You should have basic mathematics formulae by-heart and you should be good in English. C and Sql sections consisted of questions on pointers, database related questions, foreign key, primary key etc.

They took 1 hour to get the results out and 63 students were shortlisted in this round.
The second round was Group discussion. We were made into a batch of 15 students each. The topics can be socio-political or completely dependent on the current news.
My topic was “India’s obsession with cricket is driving out all the other sports in the country”. Please remember:
GD does not mean that you will shout and keep talking. Speak less, to the point, ineract with everybody, give everyone a fair chance to speak, and give valid points, if you do not agree with someone challenge that point and give justification for it.

The results were announced at 5.30 pm and I was selected along with few of my friends. The technical round started at 6.30 pm.

They asked me my most proficient language. I said C.

Sir: What is C? what exactly do you mean by C?
Me: C is a middle level language.
Sir (interrupting): What is a middle level language?
Me: Explained.
Sir: What are pointers? Advantages of pointers?
* What is struct? What is the difference between stack and queue?
* Write me a data structure for queue.
* What is data structure?What is heap?
* What is binary tree?
* Write me a program for swapping 2 numbers using 2 variables only.
* Write me a program for printing 2 numbers after multiplication.
* Write me a program for a prime number
* What is tower of Hanoi?

Then he switched to SQL.

1) What is foreign key and primary key?
2) Explain with example. Draw 2 tables of student and College and show the relationship between them.
3) What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
4) Explain joins. What are the types of joins? Explain natural join and semi join.

These are the only ones I can recall. My technical interview went on for 45 mins.

Please remember: If you do not know the answer to something, say Im sorry Sir I cannot recall it right now.
Be honest.

The HR round was of 15 mins.

Basic questions were asked.
1) Tell me about yourself (advertise yourself as much as you can)
2) Why Zensar?
3) What is your weakness?
4) What are your hobbies?
5) Why do you think we should hire you?
6) Do you have any questions?

Note: Please ask questions. Prepare something beforehand if you want. Watch and listen to their pre placement talk very carefully. They can ask questions on that.

Finally at 10.45 pm, we heard our results. I, along with 10 of my friends were selected.

Be confident and smart, dress well and be polite. That is the key for cracking the HR related rounds.
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