Zensar paper on 13th December, 2012.

Zensar paper on 13th December, 2012.

Hi Friends,

This is Uday Gupta, student of Information Technology from KITS Ramtek. Zensar Technologies came to St. Vincent Palloti College, Nagpur for Pool Campus on 13th December, 2010.
From the day when I joined my college I had the dream to start my carrier with a growing company where I could get an opportunity to utilize my abilities & skills.

First the PPT i.e Pre Placement talk took place in that they told us about there selection criteria, about Zensar and ofcourse the most important thing the package they are offering us.

The selection procedure consists of 4 rounds

1) Written test
2) GD
3) Technical Interview
4) HR Interview

The written test comprised of three sections

1) English + Quantitative + Logical reasoning (30 questions)
2) Technical (C & C++) (20 questions)
3) SQL + DBMS (10 questions)

The test was very tough and maximum elimination is done in this round only. It was online test and there was sectional timing i.e we need to finish the section in the given time.

Amongst the above sections only english and quantitative questions were easy others were tough. For general English consult (barren). For quantitative aptitude consult (R.S. Aggarwal) and for technical (prepare o/p questions)

Total of 300 students appeared approximatly and 160 cleared the written test and shortlisted for the GD. I was one of them I’d given the test at 2:30 and the result were announced at 5 pm.

I was the 7th highest scorer in the aptitude.

Group Discussion:

Later we were send to a room for GD. GD was conducted among the group of 15 candidates. We were first asked to decide a topic ourself. Later she(HR) herself suggested a topic “Younger generation are more smarter than their parents”.

The topic was easy and most of the people spoke on it. HR gave chance to each candidate who was not able to speak. Result declared after 45 mins I was in the list of those 11 people from our group. Actually my group consist of top 15 scorer of aptitude. Hence they selected 11 out of 15 in GD.
This was the highest from any group from most of the other group they selected 4-5 out of 15 in each group. So score good in aptitude.
I was very happy because I was for the first time gonna face technical interview. From 160 candidates they selected 75 for TI.

Technical Interview:  

TI was on the next day ie 15th December at 9:00am. My TI started at 12:00 noon.

The interviewer was very decent but serious guy.

* Tell me about yourself
* Told.

* Explain about paper presentation you had given
* Explained (actually I’d won prize in PPT and told this in my intro)

* What is security (as my ppt topic was ‘SECURITY IN Wi-Fi’)
* What are the threats to security?

* What you will do to provide security?
* Which are the most important areas reqiring security?

* What you have prerared?
* I told C and SQL

* What is array
* How will you declare and initailize 2D and 3D array?

* Write a prog to print “HELLO WORLD” without using semicolon.
* Write a prog to swap two nos without using 3rd variable.

* Explain pointers? where it is used?
* How memory is initilised in ptr?

* He shown me 4-5 C- prog to tell output.
* Different between call-by-val and call-by-add?

* Write any one prog using both call-by-val and call-by-add.
* What is DBMS?

* What is SQL?
* He had different table and asked me to write 8-10 queries?

* Altough he asked quite tough queries which reqire comb of 4-5 tables. I answered all as I had good prep of SQL.

* What is Normalization.
* What is 1NF,2NF,BCNF etc.

* I told him it was in 3rd yr and I cant recall it now.
* Difference between multiprogramming and multitasking?

I gave answer of most of the questions and major thing was my confidence. I never felt this is 1st interview of my life. If you dont know any answer simply say you can’t recall but don’t cheat them, they are very smart.

This round last for  around 40 -45 mins.

I came out of the room and volunteer told me in just a min that I got passed the TI and, now came the time for the HR interview:

Out of 75 only 40 cleared TI.

HR Interview:

Normal Questions:

* Why Zensar?
* What are your strengths?

* Why should I select you?
* Two good and bad things about your college?

* If I give you one million rupees what will be the 1st thing you do?
* About family?

* Example where you worked in grp?
* What extra curricular you been part of?

My HR interview was excellent but still I was very eager to see the result but result declared after 3 days.
Only 30 candidates was finally selected and I was one of them. Now its the time for Party.

Finally I will say, if you are not selected don’t worry because  “after every sad day there comes the glad day”.

Before Zensar I appered for Persistent and Patni. But my destiny was somewhere else and finally I found it.

All the best to all aspirants and see you in Zensar.

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