Zensar Placement-Paper

Zensar is IT Company.
Its placement procedure is fully changed from January 2010 and is as follows:-
1) Pre placement talk
2) Aptitude Test
3) Group Discussion
4) Technical + Personal Interview Together
In Pre-Placement talk they will talk about their company and will let you know about its working, market, revenues etc.
60 min 60 Questions. 20 Questions in each section. There was no sectional timing.
It had 3 sections:-
1. English- Type (a) There was one complete big sentence underlined with a small part of that sentence which was making another sentence. we were asked to select an option which could replace that underlined part means grammatically correct.
Type (b) Fill in the blanks with 2 blanks. “select an option which fits correctly to both the blanks”.
Type (c) One passage was given on monarchy and democracy and there was five questions based on it.
Book Preferred—-R.S Agrawal English Aptitude
2. Maths
Type (a) It had simple questions based on area, perimeter, percentage, ratio n proportion, mixture etc
Type (b) Two tables were given having data (shares, revenues, expenditure etc) of two companies were given and 3-4 ques were based on it.
Type (c) One Data Interpretation Question with 5 sub-question
Book Preferred—-R.S Agrawal Maths Aptitude
3. Logical Reasoning
Type (a) select a sentence which can b deduced from first two given sentences.
Type (b) Verbal reasoning type…. If A,B,C,D,E,F  are leaders from the fields education, railway….etc not in the same order. so if A speaks 3rd on his field following D…………………………………(i dnt remember) so who spoke 1st.
There were some more types which i forgot.it was an easy section.
Book Preferred—-R.S Agrawal verbal reasoning is good enough for this section.
Group Discussion
There were two groups formed
1st group topic was- IS sex education necessary in high school?
2nd group topic was- Is china threat to India?
Time given 10 min.
They asked only HR Questions from non computer science students. and mixed questions to CS and IT students.
Students appeared- 84
After aptitude test- 30
After GD – 22
Finally selected-20
Means after interviews most of us got selected including me. ALL THE BEST. see you at Zensar 🙂

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