Zensar Placement-Paper

Sample Test Paper

C test

  1.  if(fp == fopen(\”dfas\”,\”r\”) = = NULL), what is the value of fp
    a. NULL
    b. 0
    c. 1
    d. 0 or 1

  2. #define sqr(x) x*x, what is value of j if j == 2 * sqr(3 + 4)

  3. #define FILENAME(extension) test_##extension, how will it print FILENAME(back)
    a. test_back
    b. test_#back
    c. test_##back
    d. ??

  4. char *p == \”hello world\”
    p[0] == \’H\’, what will be printf(\”%s\”, p);
    a. Hello world
    b. hello world
    c. H
    d. compile error

  5. int fun(), how do u define pointer to this function ??

  6. what is ment by int (* xyz)[13]

  7. what is true from
    a. base call ferernece is compatible with child class
    b. child class reference is compatible with base class
    c. no reference to class
    d. ??

  8. class b
    class a
    friend class b
    then what is ture
    a. a can access all protected and public members in b
    b. b can access all protected and public members in a
    c. a can access all members of a
    d. b can access all members of b

  9. What is the output
    int n=0;
    int i;
    case 0:do{
    case 1:n++;
    case 2:n++;

    a. compile error
    b. 4
    c. 1
    d. 0


  10. Two liquids A : B in ratio 7:5 and now 24 gallons drain out and b is added the ratio becomes 5:7 what is containr capacity ? 30, 48 , 84, none

  11. man has rope of length 660 mtr to fence a area , what is the max area he can fence ?

  12. Son is about to celebrate 10th birthday. after 11 years his age will be half the average of his parents. his mother is 17 years older to him. what is the age of the father.

  13. DI question where hotels project are given and no of rooms in each hotels , investment , project yr . and company name
    were asked to find min cost per room is for which hotel , which avg cost per room etc.

  14. Avg of 6 no is 8 what 7 th no shud be added to make avg 10;

  15. difference  of cube of a no and its square is a perfect square , what is the no. -> 5

  16. diff of three consecutive nos square and the nos is 214; find the nos :

    Interview  Technical

  17. Write a minimal C++ program .

  18. (a) Talk about yourself
    (b) What are your strengths.
    (c) Where do you think you have to improve.
    (d) Where do you see yourself after 5 years

  19. main()
    int i==2;
    int a==4;
    printf( \” TRUE \”);
    printf(\”FALSE \”);

    What is the output of the program ..
    Ans ) TRUE , coz i+==3 becomes incremented and i becomes 5 . So i is greater than a

  20. What is an OS ?

  21. What is a Data Structure ?

  22. It is a an abstract data type where some operations can be defined and performed on the data. It makes the task of a programmer easy coz it has all the set of data and operations at a particular place

  23. What is OOP.

  24. What is Object Oriented Analysis and design.

  25. How do u communicate between object and class.

  26. What is the role Software in the real life in current scenario.

  27. What is object and how it is similar to real life entity

  28. What is extranet, intranet, internet

    HR interview..

  29. Ok, what do your friends call u???

  30. how many friends do u have???

  31. Do u talk with girls???

  32. How many girl friends do u have???

  33. whatz the difference of a girlfriend from a girl who is a friend???

  34. what do u do on sundays???

  35. Do u like hyderabad???

  36. whatz so special about it???

  37. what places have u got to visit in hyd…???

  38. how many of them have u gone to???

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