I  want to start with a quote that I always try to follow in my life that , “ If the victory is certain then even a coward can win but the real brave are those who dare to fight even if they know that there defeat is fixed  “.
From the day when I joined my college I had the dream to start my carrier with a growing company where I could get an opportunity to utilize my abilities & skills .
This dream seems to be come true when Zensar technologies visited our campus , it was 3rd of March , 2008 , stage was well set , show was just to begin.

Four people were came from Zensar for the recruitment and now it’s the time. For the PPT i.e Pre Placement talk …in that they have told us about there selection criteria , about Zensar and of course the most important thing the package they are offering us .

They were very strict about there eligibility criteria , and the eligibility criteria was all though 60% , few of our friends are only 1 or 2 marks short of first division in 10th standard but its really mysterious they don’t even allowed them to sit just for the one odd mark .

There Selection procedure is normal as other companies , we have to under go 3 stages :


1) Aptitude Test

2) Technical Interview

3) Hr Interview


We all were ready for the Aptitude Test and I was really feeling embrace for few of fine friend who were very intelligent but couldn’t make it just because of the eligibility criteria .


Aptitude Test begins : (there was no negative marking but there is the sectional cut off of 50%)

The test was divide in to 4 categories and each of them contains 20 question and 20 min. are provided for each section , and we were forced to solve a section for 20  min. only and once the 20 mins are over then only we can jump to the next section .

First section was the English section , for me it is the toughest hurdle coz I had prepared the articles ,prepositions ,tenses ,synonyms and antonyms but the pattern of the test was totally different , there was a complete sentence in which a fragment is underlined and we have to replace that fragment with the given options , and it was a real hack when I tried out options one by one every one is perfectly fine. I was really confused(  dimag ki ghanti baj gai thi yaar kuch bhi nahi samjh me aa raha tha , jitne experiments kar sakta tha kar liye but kuch bhi nahi hua ab to lag raha tha ki bhagawan hi malik hai ) and the next five question were like

Prem Chandra was a _______ poet , he has written several ______ with his title and  still lots of them _______.

In these question I shooted lots of arrows ( I hope some of them might  hit the target )

Next 5 question were like  Heat: temperature::  _______:_______ I m sure that I haven’t answered more then 2 correctly .

And the last five question were based on a passage ( I say to me that ,”yaar  agar English ki sectional cut off cross karma hai to kuch bhikar ke ye sare question thik karne hi padenge” ) I read the passage twice and I m sure that I must have answered all the question right .

Two mins were still there , I tried to keep myself calm but I was really frustrated .


Next section was Maths no problem for me at all ..I was quite frustrated coz of mine English section that’s why I was even unable to remember the table of  18 in one of question I have to find 18 * 9 nothing came in to mind at that time every thing was like ??????? then I done 180-18 to calculate it again was even unable to subtract I said oh god …what is  happening today . Then after a min I regained my senses and I have done 16 question 100% correct in just 10 or 11 odd mins. Question were very simple like
1)A can do a work in 31 days and B can do the same work in 8 days  ,A alone started the work after few  days he was joined by B , and the work completed in 10 days . After how many days A is been joined by B.

2)In an election between 2 candidate one have got 53% votes and won by 1057 votes , how many votes were there ?

3)A spent 3589 Rs. In first four months and 5216 Rs. In next eight months , if he saves 2368 Rs per month then what is his salary ?

4)A man sells a bike and a cow in 14000 Rs. , by selling his bike he loses 20% and gained 20% in selling his cow , if the total profit was 200 Rs. Then what was the cost price of cow?

5)Two no. are in 2:3 ratio if the three fifth of the first number is added to two third of the second no then the new ratio will be ?

6)The cp a ltrs of milk is 12 rs , a milk man purchases 20lts of milk and wants to earn 200Rs. in the transaction if he sells 20 ltrs of milk then how much water will be the sp of a ltr milk….(too simple its not allegation)

And simple problem on ages, allegation , time and distance etc.

Next Section was reasoning is was avg. not too easy not too tough , an average person can do almost 65% of the question and rest of the question were quite tough ,question were like ,

A, B, C, D, and E were 3 guys and 2 girls , each one have the b’day in  Jan, Feb,…may;

Each one of them like sweets, ice cream….etc.
Note : verbal as well as non verbal reasoning was there .( don’t worry it was easy )
Now It’s the time for the Technical Section which was the last section of the paper  :

Most of the question were based on the C output and rest of the question were from networking , Computer Architecture , Operating System. Question were like:

1)which is the fastest : FTP ,TELNET ,TCP, etc.



int x=20 ,y=35;

x= x++ + y++;

y = ++x + ++y;

printf(“%d %d”,x,y);


3)char *p[]=”rachit and devender”;


4)const char *p[]=”abhishek and Ankur”;

char k=’a’;




extern int i;




6) main(){

int i,j=2;

if(i%j !=0)




For what values if i the output will be 5 : options 1)when i is even  2) odd 3)prime 4) fro all

7)complexity of merge sort .?

8)which sorting also will use to sort {1,2,3,4,5} ?

9)which cpu register holds the address of next instruction?


Char *p[]=”pradeep mani”;



11)  select * from dual ; output..??

12)  we cant typedef  (i) pointers (ii) function (iii) double (iv) I and II both

above are some of the question which are been asked in the 4th section of the Aptitude test.
Now they asked us to wait for 30 mins, it was really a tough time our heart was beating at full speed  ..30 mins seems to be 30 years ,

Now the result is been declared …

A person came and said that only 5 people are selected every one of us were astonished ,we were assuming that at least 15 people will crack this Aptitude   but that was really strange , but Mine name was there , but I really feel bad for all those my friends who were unable to cross this barrier They have gave us a form to fill up , it’s a general details entry form , they take our CVs and ask us for reporting them with in 15 Mins.

It was really tough hurdle coz Zensar mainly focuses on the technical round but I was well prepared for this round coz I may not be totally perfect , but parts of me are excellent .

Now the battle of questions and answer started .

We were in our college at 9:00 am and now it was around 2:30 pm I was the second person to go for the technical round ,

They asked me have to taken your lunch I said,” no , I don’t even had my break fast “, then they ask me are you hungry I have some snacks with me I said , “ no thanks, I m just hungry for the job “.

Then they started bombarding questions,

1)what is pointer to a function ..

2)Explain the working of pointer to a function

3)Difference between char const *p , const char *p ,const * char p, const char * const p

4)What Is FILE *fp

5)Write a program to print a file from the last .

6)Write a program to encrypt the file

7)What is abstraction

8)What is run time polymorphism

9)What is register storage class? If  a variable is declared as register then is it compulsory that it will be of storage type register?

10)What is interface in java ?

11)What is implementation ?

12)Why java doesn’t support multiple inheritance ?

13)Is c++ is pure object oriented?

14)Why we need new operator in java at the time of object declaration and why not in c++?

15)Write a program to implement virtual functions  .

16)What is the difference between file and data base storage ?

17)Difference between hierarchical data model and network data model ?

18)What are the 12 codd’s rule ?

19)Gave me a table and asked me to normalize it up to 3 nf .

20)Difference between BCNF and 4 nf ?

21)Difference between conflict and view serialzability

22)What is batch operating system ?

23)Difference between multiprogramming and multitasking ?

24)What are different types of scheduler ? explain short term scheduler ?

25)What are different scheduling  algorithms ?

26)What is a system call?

27)Monitors and Semaphores ?

28)What are different CPU registers ?

29)Object oriented model , Component Assembly model and Waterfall model ? compare them ?

30)Difference between OSI and TCP/IP?

31)X.25 ?

32)CSMA/CD ?


34)Heap Sort , Merge Sort ?

35)Hashing Technique ?

I was thinking that ,”yaar kintne question poochenge ye log , voh poochte ja rahe the aur main batataja raha tha “,there were lots of other question..

This round last for  around 50 -55 mins . and HR round was also attached to this because we were only 5 people selected out there  , now came the time for the HR interview :

Normal Questions:

1)Describe Yourself as a person ?(she said I don’t want u to repeat the resume , something which in not mentioned in that)

2)Say something about dream ..i said ,”Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

3)Which is your dream company ? I said that , “ I m telling u the truth , my dream company is Google” , then she asked my why Google , I was well prepared for that question I said , “ God is with them who have the courage to fly , not with them who stand on the ground and watch the sky “ ,then wla wla wla….

4)Then why zensar ? “One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness “ , that’s what I have done at done time 5)Where do you see yourself after 5 years ?

6)Say something on ,” when you are in Rome do what Romans do
And that’s it , finally me and three friends of mine were selected in the ZENSAR .

At last I want to say that ,

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

So if you are not selected don’t worry coz  “after every sad day there comes the glad day”

See u in Zensar .

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