Hi friends I am krishna from GRIET pursuing MCA 2nd.
company profile : It was established by Mr Sridhar (CEO) in 2010,company has three branches in Hyderabad in INDIA, Boston in US, GERMAN. Now it has 200 employees in this company. apps means applications.
Let us discus apps associates group campus which was held in griet for GRIET , VNR, NARAYANAMMA colleges.
Total students of 80 from my college and 160 from VNR and NARAYANAMMA.

In written 35 was short listed from 240.
Let us discuss pattern 4 apps associates. It contains two rounds
1.Written test (aptitude).
2.Technical and HR.

First written: It contains following pattern:
The aptitude test consists of 50 objective types questions and 60 minutes.
There are 5 sections
Analytical reasoning-10Q,
Verbal abilities-10Q,
programming skills-10Q
and oracle-10Q.
The overall cut off is 30-35 marks and the sectional cutoff would be 6+.
maximum they will give cut off 30 only.
in above pattern for all sections 6-7 questions are easy.
Result was announced at 1o clock i was one of the members in 35.

Next round is Technical and HR.
We have three panels, for every panel 2 members.
me: may i come in sir?
HR: yes,come in.
me: good evening sirs.
HR and Tech: good evening and take u r seat.
me: thank u sirs.
HR: Mr krishna rao they announced twice why didn’t u come first?
me: sorry sir they called krishna only that i come 2nd time.
HR: OK u got good marks in written.
me: OK sir.
HR: u have studied 10th in saritha, inter in kmm.
me: yes sir,upto degree in kmm.
HR:10th u got 76% inter 88.4% u increased more but why did u decreased in degree.
me: handled by reason which I already prepared.
HR: OK u have reason but why did u decreased in MCA?
me: In mca i preferred to participate in other activities like blood donations, pulse which was held on college anverse day and i have done project on snake game inc.

technical person taken remaining interview
tech: u have done project,can u explain?
me: i explained.
tech: u have done project in c means u r very good at c.
me: not so much sir.
tech: write these programs
1 2
1 2 3
write a program for palindrome, array of two dimensional total program in 1 minute,
1 2 3 =6
4 5 6 =15
7 8 9 =24
like other 2 small programs in c language.
i have written all programs but a little bit tensed.
tach: Any questions
me: which area i have to improve sir.
tach: ok don’t tense in software u have to be in cool manner.
tech: any
me: any thing else to improve
tech: better to concentrate more on programing not theory.
tech: any
me: no sir
HR: thanks.
me: thanks.
many friends was asked sql,jave cpp.
They told results will be given in after 3 days. still i am waiting for result i am praying god to get a job.
Every time JESUS helping me.

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