Hi Friends,

                This s Kaarthik kumar from Hindusthan College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore. This CSC preparation guide is more than enough to get into CSC. If not possible to go thru d entire page, ATLEAST GO THRU D TECHNICAL WRITTTEN SECTION!

CSC has got 5 rounds to go through

·         Aptitude written

·         Technical Written & Essay

·         GD/JAM

·         Technical HR

·         Personal HR


                R.s AGGARWAL Book is more than enough to clear this round. So keep practicing mainly on following areas

  • Averages &Percentages
  • Profit & loss
  • Ratios & Ages
  • Time & Distance
  • Probability n combinations
  • Analogies
  • Sudoku type


1)There are 3 piles of books on the table you need to arrange them in the self such that 1st book of each pile gets placed on the self,what is the possible no of arrangements:
a)12!    b)12C3 * 9C4 c)12^12 d)none

2)Price of a book increases 15% successively (2times) what is the new price of the book more compared to that of the old price:
a)32.25%    b)23.34%    c)36%    d)39%

3)There are 3 mixtures when mixed in the ratio of 3:4:5 price was 240.When mixed with 6:4:9 price was 340.what’s the price when mixed in 5:6:8 ration price is_________

4)One question based on Venn Diagram.75 total no of students.25 don’t know typing,50 know shorthand.then question were based on find no of students dont knwing both etc.

5)One person has 2 child.At least one of them was a girl.Then the Probability that 2 of the are girl is_____
a)1/2    b)1/4    c)0.36    d)1

6)Swati when get married to jayanta her age was 3/4 th of her husband’s age.After 12 years her age became 5/6 th of her husband’s age.Then what’s the age of swati when she got married??

then what’s the value of y???

8)some passages were there based on illegal drugs smuggling and based on this some questions.

9)Some Analogy Questions: some i do remeber like SYCOPHANTIC: FLATTER SILENT: QUIET others i dont remember.

10)Some questions based on
if  f(x,0)=x+1

then find f(1,1),f(2,3),f(3,0) etc and some relations based on this very easy
11)One question based on the average speed
12)one question based on Sudoku type very easy,u can do it in one attempt



1. Sudoku. you need to fill-up the table using the hint(addition of row, column, diagonal =15) and available cell values. its easy. if you figure it out, you can answer(very easy)
five questions correctly.
2.If y=MAX((3x+y),(11x-y)) then what’s the value of y?
3.1 Que. on book arrangement. if u find out the series you can ans five ques. correctly.
4.2 Ques. on Probability, ages
5. Ages
6. Venn diagram –> Out of 100 students, 45 do not know typing, 60 know shorthand. 25 know both 6 do not know anything then find out haw many know both?
7. if  f(y,0)=y+1, f(o,x)=x; f(y,x)=f(f(y,0),f(2*y-1))  then find f(1,1),f(2,3),f(3,0); 3 question based on this. Its very very simple…
8. 1 Ques on Percentage : Price of a book increases 15% successively (2times) what is the new price of the book more compared to that of the old price:
a)32.25%    b)23.34%    c)36%    d)39%
9. 2 Questions based on Time and speed.
10. Passage and questions…
11.question on synonyms and antonyms



3 ques on time speed distance….there are 2 stataions A nd B….the distance between them is 150 km….

slow train covers dat distance in 2.5 hrs nd fast train in 1.5 hrs….now slow train leaves station A half an hour

befor fast train….after wat time wud dey meet….nd at wat distance from(language was different)


dere was 1 ques on profit….calculate d CP of 1 hen nd den SP of 1 hen after dat profit on 1 hen….den an

amount of profit was given u hd 2 calculate d no. of hens dat give dat amount of profit


2 ques on jumbled up sentences u hd to form a meaningful paragraph out of dem


3 ques on a paragraph…dere r 4 ppl, 1 is a dancer 1 is a painter 1 is a writer nd 1 is a singer….u hd 2

indentify which is a dancer which a singer…..


2 ques on…dere r 3 frens nd dey hv sum marbles wid dem…now x gives to y nd z amount of marbles

which dey already hv…nd den z gives 2 x nd y amount of marbles which dey already hv…now dey

hv equal no. of marbles…also total no. of marbles was given…u hv 2 make equations nd solve dis ques





1.  A 3*3 blck is given and should be filled frm 1…9 they gave 3 numbers nd when coundted horizontally,vertically and diagnally they should sum 15. they gave nearly 7 questions on this blk really easy if u practice sudoku.

      2. If x,y are 2 positive integers and they are derived as follows:
then wats the value of f(3,0),f(1,2) etc nd hw f(1,2) can be derived in terms f(0,0),f(0,2),f(3,0)
there 5 questions relating to this.
3. 1question on ages i dont properly remember the questions
4.7 questions on anlogy,fill in the blanks
5.deriving conclusions 10 questions


it was a very tough test i hav given test of 6-7 companies but csc test was toughest
ther vr linear equations questions wich vr not at all easy
questions on sets
-permutaion combination
-arrangement logical ques
– distance speed ques
– time question

-ques like 90% of 1 litree milk and 60% of 40 litre water result in 67% mixture so wht is compostion of milk in litres?

-ques like f has pririty over h and g has priortiy over i so now 4-5 ques based on this

-length is increased by 5 and breadth is decreased ny 10 thn total is 200m and whn length decreasd by 5 and breadth increasd by 15 thn total is 75 m, fing length

-a>b>c so wich is tru
ab>ac or a/b>b/c or som more options

-6 girls and 6 boys, all boys and all girls will sit together so no of possible ways

– cow is tied with rope from two sides 40 40 cm and forming an angle 24degree size of rope is 15cm so how much area in wich cow can graze

-7 orange and 5 apples cost 16.90 rs and 5 oranges and 7 apples cost 2.60 so no of oranges

-ther is a place wher ppl r either no or yes. if ram sain 2and 2 makes four thn he is yes and similarly if mohan said 2 -1 is 2 thn he is no. so now ques based on this

– paragraph given and u hav to conlude or find contradicting line

and rest all questions vr very tough so i dont remember thm at all 



                For this round these patterns are more than enough only same or similar questions will come. So prepare this thoroughly.


1.——- is associated with webservices.
a) WSDL b) WML c) web sphere d) web logic

2.any large single block of data stored in a database, such as a picture or sound file, which does not include record fields, and cannot be directly searched by the database’s search engine.

3.A reserved area of the immediate access memory used to increase the running speed of the computer program.
a) session memory b) bubble memory c) cache memory d) shared memory
ans: c

4.a small subnet that sit between a trusted internal network and an un trusted external network, such as the public internet.
a) LAN b) MAN c) WAN d) DMZ
ans: c

5.technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects,which is very similar to the barcode identification systems,seen in retail stores everyday.
ans: d


float fl = 10.5;
double dbl = 10.5
if(fl ==dbl)
printf(“UNITED WE STAND”);
what is the output?
a)compilation error b)UNITED WE STAND c)DIVIDE AND RULE d)linkage error.
ans: b

static int ivar = 5;
what is the output?
a)1 2 3 4 5 b) 5 4 3 2 1 c)5 d)compiler error:main cannot be recursive function.
ans b

extern int iExtern;
iExtern = 20;
what is the output?
a)2 b) 20 c)compile error  d)linker error
ans d

9..#define clrscr() 100
printf(“%d\n\t”, clrscr());
what is the output?
a)100 b)10 c)compiler errord)linkage error
ans: a 

void vpointer;
char cHar = ‘g’, *cHarpointer = “GOOGLE”;
int j = 40;
vpointer = &cHar;
vpointer = &j;
printf(“%d”,*(int *)vpointer);
vpointer = cHarpointer;
printf(“%s”,(char*)vpointer +3);
what is the output?
a)g40GLE  b)g40GOOGLE c)g0GLE d)g4GOO
ans: a

11. #define FALSE -1
#define TRUE 1
#define NULL 0
main() {
else if(FALSE)
what is the output?
a)NULL b)TRUE c)FALSE d)0  

ans: b

12. main() {
int i =5,j= 6, z;
printf(“%d”, i+++j);
what is the output?
a)13 b)12 c)11 d)compiler error
ans: c

If there is 5+++++ symbol then it will show error as Lvalue required

13. main() {
int  i ;
i = accumulator();
_AX =1000
what is output?
a)1 b)10 c)100 d)1000
ans: d

14. main() {
int i  =0;
while(+(+i–)!= 0)
i-                  = i++;
what is the output?
a)-1 b)0 c)1 d)will go in an infinite loop
ans: a

15. main(){
int i =3;
for(; i++=0;)
what is the output?
a)1b)2c)1 2 3d)compiler error:L value required.
ans: d

16. main(){
int i = 10, j =20;
j = i ,j?(i,j)?i :j:j;
}what is the output?
a)20 20 b)20 10 c)10 20 d)10 10
ans: 10 10

17. main(){
extern i;
int i =20;
what is output?
a)    “Extern valueof i “ 20 b)Externvalue of i”c)20d)linker Error:unresolved external symbol i
ans: d

18. int DIMension(int array[]){
return sizeof(array/sizeof(int);}
int arr[10];
printf(“Array dimension is %d”,DIMension(arr));
what is output?
a)array dimension is 10 b)array dimension is 1  c) array dimension is 2 d)array dimension is 5
ans: a

void swap();
int x = 45, y = 15;
printf(“x = %d y=%d”x,y);
void swap(int *a, int *b){
*a^=*b, *b^=*a, *a^ = *b;
what is the output?
a)    x = 15, y =45 b)x =15, y =15 c)x =45 ,y =15 d)x =45 y = 45
ans: a

20. main(){
int i =257;
int *iptr =&i;
printf(“%d%d”,*((char*)iptr),*((char *)iptr+1));
what is output?
a)1, 257 b)257 1c)0 0d)1  1
asn: d

int i =300;
char *ptr = &i;
what is output?
a)556 b)300 c)2 d)302
ans: a

char *str =”yahoo”;
char *ptr =str;
char least =127;
least = (*ptr
what is the output?
a)0   b)127   c)yahoo   d)y


23.Declare an array of M pointers to functions returing pointers to functions returing pointers to characters.
a)(*ptr[M]()(char*(*)());   b)(char*(*)())(*ptr[M])()   c)(char*(*)(*ptr[M]())(*ptr[M]()    d)(char*(*)(char*()))(*ptr[M])();

24.void main(){
int I =10, j=2;
int *ip = &I ,*jp =&j;
int k = *ip/*jp;
what is the output?
a)2    b)5    c)10    d)compile error: unexpected end of file in comment started in line 4
ans: b

char a[4] =”GOOGLE”;
what is the output?
a)2 b) GOOGLE c) compile error: too many initializers d) linkage error.
ans: c

26.For 1MB memory, the number of address lines required
a)12 b)16 c)20 d)32
ans: 20

27.There is a circuit using 3 nand gates with 2 inputes and 1 output,f ind the output.
a) AND b) OR c) XOR d) NAND

28.what is done for push operation
a) SP is incremented and then the value is stored.
PC is incremented and then the value is stored.
c) PC is decremented and then the value is stored.
d) SP is decremented and then the value is stored.
ans: a

29.Memory allocation of variables declared in a program is ——
a) Allocated in RAM
b) Allocated in ROM
c) Allocated in stack
d) Assigned in registers.
ans: c

30.What action is taken when the processer under execution is interrupted by TRAP in 8085MPU?
Processor serves the interrupt request after completing the execution of the current instruction.
b) processer serves the interrupt request after completing the current task.
c) processor serves the interrupt immediately.
d) processor serving the interrupt request depent deprnds upon the priority of the current task under execution.
ans: a

31.purpose of PC (program counter)in a microprocessor is —-
a) To store address of TOS(top of stack)
b) To store address of next instructions to be executed
c) count the number of instructions
d) to store the base address  of the stack.
ans: b

32. conditional  results after execution of an instruction in a microprocess is stored in
a) register b) accumulator c) flag register d) flag register part of PSW (program status word)
ans: c

33.The OR gate can be converted to the  NAND function by adding—-gate(s)to the input of the OR gate.
a) NOT b) AND c) NOR d) XOR
ans: a

34.In 8051microcontroller ,——has a dual function.
a) port 3 b) port 2 c) port 1 d) port 0
ans; b

35.An 8085 based microprocessor with 2MHz clock frequency,will execute the following chunk of code with how much delay?
MVI   B,38H
HAPPY:           MVI   C, FFH
SADDY:           DCR  C
a)    102.3 b)114.5 c)100.5 d)120

36. In 8085 MPU what will be the status of the flag after the execution of the following chunk of code.
a)S = 1, Z = 0, CY = 1  b)S = 0, Z = 1, CY = 0  c) S  = 1, Z = 0, CY = 0 d)S = 1, Z = 1 ,CY = 1

37.A positive going pulse  which is always generated when 8085 MPU begins the machine cycle.
a) RD b) ALE c) WR  d) HOLD
ans: b

38.when a —– instruction of 8085 MPU is fetched , its second and third bytes are placed in the W and Z registers.
a) JMP b) STA c) CALL d) XCHG
ans: d(not sure)

39.what is defined as one subdivision of the operation performed in one clock period.
a) T- State b) Instruction Cycle c) Machine Cycle d) All of the above
ans: a

40.At the end of the following code, what is the status of the flags.
a) S = 1, CY = 0, P = 0 , AC = 1 b) S =0 , CY = 1, P = 0,AC = 1   c) S = 0, CY = 1, P = 0 , AC = 1 d) S = 0, CY = 1, P = 1 , AC = 1

 41.In 8051 micro controller what is the HEX number in the accumulator after the execution of the following code.
a)A6       b)6A      c)95      d)A5.
ans: a

42.The Pentium processor requires ———— volts.
a)9      b)12    c)5     d)24
ans; b

43. The data bus on the Celeron processor is——-bits wide.
a)64  b)32   c)16    d)128.

ans: a

44.K6 processor
a) Hitachi   b) toshiba   c) zilog   d) AMD. ans: d

45. What is the control word for 8255 PPI,in BSR mode to set bit       PC3.
a)0EH    b)0FH     c)07H       d)06H. ans:c

46.The repeated execution of a loop of code while waiting for an event to occur is called ———.The cpu is not engaged in any real productive activity during this period,and the process doesn’t progress towards completion.
a) dead lock    b) busy waiting    c) trap door   d) none.
ans: b

47. Transparent DBMS is defined as
a) A DBMS in which there are no program or user access languages. b) A DBMS which has no cross file capabilities but is user friendly and provides user interface management.  c) A DBMS which keeps its physical structure hidden from user   d) none.
ans: c

48.Either all actions are carried out or none are.users should not have to worry about the effect of incomplete transctions.DBMS ensures this by undoing the actions of incomplete transctions.this property is known as
a) Aggregation   b) atomicity    c) association   d) data integrity.


49.—— algorithms determines where in available to load a program. common methods are first fit,next fit,best fit.——— algorithm are used when memory is full , and one process (or part of a process) needs to be swaped out to accommodate a new program.The ————- algorithm determines which are the partions to be swaped out.
a) placement, placement, replacement
b) replacement, placement, placement
c) replacement, placement, replacement
d) placement, replacement, replacement

50.Trap door is a secret undocumented entry point into a program used to grant access without normal methods of access authentication. A trap is a software interrupt,usually the result of an error condition.
a)true   b)false.
ans: b

51. Given a binary search tree,print out the nodes of the tree according to post order traversal.
/ \
2             5
/ \
1       3
a)3,2,1,5,4.   b)1,2,3,4,5.   c)1,3,2,5,4.   d)5,3,1,2,4.

52.which one of the following is the recursive travel technique.
a)depth first search   b)preorder   c)breadth first search    d)none. Ans-a


53.which of the following needs the requirement to be a binary search tree.
a)   5
/  \
2       7

/  \
6    7

c)    5
/  \
2     7
1  6

d)  none. recursive implementations which of the following is true for saving the state of the steps
a) as  full state on the stack
b) as reversible action  on the stack
c) both a and b
d) none

55.which of the following involves context switch
a)previliged instruction
b)floating point exception
c)system calls


56.piggy backing is  a technique for
c)flow control
ans: c

57. a functional dependency XY is  ___________dependency if removal of any attribute A from X means that the dependency does not hold any more
a)full functional
b) multi valued
c)single valued


58)a relation schema R  is in BCNF if it is in ___________and satisfies an additional constraints that for every functional dependency XY,X must be a candidate key
a)1 NF
b)2 NF
c)3 NF
d)5 NF


59) a _________sub query can be easily identified if it contains any references to the parent sub query columns in the _________ clause
A) correlated ,WHERE
b) nested ,SELECT
c) correlated,SELECT
d) none


60) hybrid devise that combines the features of both bridge and router is known as
a)router b)bridge c)hub d)brouter


61) which of the following is the most crucial phase of  SDLC
a)testing b)code generation  c) analysis and design d)implementation
ans: c

62)to send a data packet using datagram ,connection will be established
a)no connection is required
b) connection is not established before data transmission
c)before data transmission
ans: a

63)a software that allows a personal computer to pretend as as computer terminal is
a) terminal adapter
b)terminal emulation
ans: b

64) super key is
a) same as primary key
b) primary key and attribute
c) same as foreign key
d) foreign key and attribute
ans: b

65.In binary search tree which traversal is used for ascending order values
a) Inorder    b)preorder  c)post order  d)none


66.You are creating  an index on ROLLNO colume in the STUDENT table.which statement will you use?
a) CREATE INDEX roll_idx ON student, rollno;
b) CREATE INDEX roll_idx FOR student, rollno;
c) CREATE INDEX roll_idx ON student( rollno);
d) CREATE INDEX roll_idx INDEX ON student (rollno);

67.A________class is a class that represents a data structure that stores a number of data objects
a. container  b.component c.base  d.derived


68.Which one of the following phases belongs to the compiler Back-end.
a. Lexical Analysis  b.Syntax Analysis c. Optimization d.Intermediate Representation.
ans: c

69.Every context _sensitive language is context_free
a. true b.false
ans: a

70.Input:A is non-empty list of numbers L
For each item in the list L,do
If the item>x,then
Xß the item
Return X
X represents:-
a)largest number
b)smallest number
c)smallest negative number
d) none

71.Let A and B be nodes of a heap,such that B is  a child of A. the heap must then satisfy the following conditions


72.String ,List,Stack,queue are examples of___________
a)primitive data type
b)simple data type
c)Abstract data type
d)none  ans: a

73.which of the following is not true for LinkedLists?
a)The simplest kind of linked list is a single linked list ,which has one link per node .this link points to the next node in the list,or to a null value or emptylist if it is the last node.
b)a more sophisticated kind of linked list is a double linkedlist or two way linkedlist .Each node has two links ,one to the previous node  and one to the next node.
c) in a circleLinkedList  ,the first and last nodes are linked together.this can be done only for  double linked list.
d) to traverse a  circular linkedlist ,u begin at any node and follow the list in either direction until u return to the original node.

74.sentinel node at the beginning and /or at the end of the linkedlist is not used to store the data
a) true
b) false  ans:a





1.C# is a native language of:
A.Java        B. .Net         C.Visual Basic

2.What is IMP in Objective C
A.Implementation pointer         B.Important Pointer     C.Intended Pointer

3.The width in bits of double primitive type in Java is –. Select the one correct answer.
1. The width of double is platform dependent    2. 64     3. 128   4. 8    5. 4

4.What would happen when the following is compiled and executed. Select the one correct answer.
   2. class example {
   3.   int x;
   4.   int y;
   5.   String name;
   6.   public static void main(String args[]) {
   7.          example pnt = new example();
   8.          System.out.println(“pnt is ” + +
   9.                  ” ” + pnt.x + ” ” + pnt.y);          
  10.   }
  11. }
         1. The program does not compile because x, y and name are not initialized.
         2. The program throws a runtime exception as x, y, and name are used before initialization.
         3. The program prints pnt is 0 0.
         4. The program prints pnt is null 0 0.
         5. The program prints pnt is NULL false

5.Which of these lines will compile? Select all correct answers.
         1. short s = 20;
         2. byte b = 128;
         3. char c = 32;
         4. double d = 1.4;;
         5. float f = 1.4;
         6. byte e = 0;

6.What is contained in the directory /proc?:
a. System information        b. Administrative procedures        c. Boot procedures           d. Documentation on your sytem

8.    Transactions per rollback segment is derived from[DBA]
a. Db_Block_Buffer         b. Processes,          c. Shared_Pool_Size, 
 d. None of the above

9. These following parameters are optional in init.ora parameter file DB_BLOCK_SIZE, PROCESSES
a True, b False Ans : False

10.What is the purpose of different record methods 1) Record 2) Pass up 3) As Object 4) Ignore.

11.While running DOS on a PC, which command would be used to duplicate the entire diskette:



1. main(){ 

float fl = 10.5; 

double dbl = 10.5 

if(fl ==dbl) 

    printf(“UNITED WE STAND”); 


   printf(“DIVIDE AND RULE”) 

what is the output? 

a)compilation error b)UNITED WE STAND c)DIVIDE AND RULE d)linkage error.   Ans : c


2. main() 

void vpointer; 

char cHar = ‘g’, *cHarpointer = “GOOGLE”; 

int j = 40; 

vpointer = &cHar; 


vpointer = &j; 

printf(“%d”,*(int *)vpointer); 

vpointer = cHarpointer; 

printf(“%s”,(char*)vpointer +3); 

what is the output? 

a)g40GLE  b)g40GOOGLE c)g0GLE d)g4GOO    Ans: a


3. .#define FALSE -1 

#define TRUE 1 

#define NULL 0 

main() { 



else if(FALSE) 




what is the output? 

a)NULL b)TRUE c)FALSE d)0      Ans: b


4.what is done for push operation?? Ans: Stack Pointer in incremented and value is stored 

 5.The OR gate can be converted to the  NAND function by adding—-gate(s)to the input of the OR gate. ans. Not gate

  6.combination of LOGIC GATEs

  7.voltage requirment for pentium preocessor  ??

8.K6 processor is from which company???? ans AMD

                   9.more questions on microprocessors, Data structures, Prepored, postorder, Networks(piggypagging), SQL, Superkey..etc i could not remember…


– wht is piggybanking used for (acknowledgement)

– wht combines router and bridge

– tcp/ip is wht conection oriented or conectionless

– X.25 protcol is at wich layer

– wht is superkey (primarykey+attribute)

– wich join will u use to hav null values (outer)

– query was given find join type
select and and name from customer, order
where (natural join)

– wich follow binary tree property

– som code of java given find no of dangling pointers

– linked list a->b and b pt to itself so wht type of linked list (infinite)

– which line is wrong abt linked list
(circular list can be only implemented in doubly linked list)

– os question on context switch and sytem call

– microporcesor ques like result of 2 input , 1 o/p line and three annd gates is (nand)

– which gate need to combine with or gate to make nand gate

– transfer RO to local and local to RO and shift RO 3 timed thn local to RO so result is

– some instruction were given and u hav to find resultanf values of flags

– some instrcution was given find output shift 2 times right to 80008ff

– atomicity definiton was given and u hav to tell wich property it is(atomicity)

– questions vr given fill in the balnks three places (placemnt,replacemnt,replacment) order was correct

– wich normal from shld be saticsy to hav bcnf and one more condition was given

– som ques of physics given resistance and volts use so u hav to tell output (low voltage or high voltage or??)

– wich sort take o(n^2) time

– some prog given outer fro loop from 1 to n and inner frm 1 to k so time is

-right output of preorder traversal som tree was given

– wht r abstract data types

– wht r steps of compiler (syntax, semantic,…) 




2 ques on binary search tree…which of d followin is d BST….nd wen u traverse a BST den which traversal

arranges nodes in ascendin order…


which is d recursive traversal technique…breadth first search travesral…depth first search traversal…preorder…none of dese


Ques on Transparent database

Ques on super key

Ques on query related to creating an Index

Ques on sentinel node in link list

Context sensitive lang is always context free..true or false

volt req. for a Pentium processor

data lines in celeron processor

most imp. phase in s/w development

2 ques on use of extern storage class specifier

ques on pointers in C

2-3 ques on microprocessor 8085




This is the main round of elimination. Don’t  get afraid But be prepared.

A group of 10 members will be called and given a topic. On a random order u’ll be called to speak individually for 2 mins. Don’t worry the moderator wont even look at u. he’ll keep listening to ur speech thru his ears. They mainly expect how confident r u expressing from ur mind without fear. So drive out fear completely. The other factors a pronunciation n clarity (without stammering).

“Wat u speak doesn’t matter But How u speak Matters a lot in GD/JAM”

Few Sample Topics:

    • My worst vacation
    • We all make mistakes
    • The most unforgettable Dream
    • External outfit
    • What do I fear for?
    • The first day of my college
    • My seniors in college


Be confident in this round. They mainly check how confident r u in answering. If u get thru this u r almost selected.

Prepare to be ready to answer

  • About ur project
  • C & C++ (even they will ask u write programs)
  • Any question from ur area of interest. (DBMS & DS have more advantage than OS/Networks)
  • Basics in all subjects


H.R-primary key n foreign key multithreading and multiprograming
After that she had given me some puzzel.
there are 3 boxes in 1st contain red ball,in 2nd white,3rd mixture of white n red in how many attempt u will find out which box have which color of ball.
cut a cube in to 27 equal pieces and if all side of cube is painted then how many piece of cube remain unpainted in 27 pieces of cube.
Then asked me about the Logic of Prime no,Bubble sorting,linked list,merge sort etc.(Basics),One logic based on the odd no i don’t remember exactly.


1) whn u open web browser, thn wht will happen wht do u do first thing?
2) wht u write first thing, i said DNS or webaddress concept thtn he asked complete web adress like i told
thn he asked meaning of each word-http,www,com etc
3) wht is URL
4) tel complete procedure how a site open after opening explorer
5) other layers understand DNS or not if not thn wht will happen (concept of mapping to ip adress comes here) thy asked how mapping takes place and at wich layer
6) dns procedure use wht tcp/ip or osi
7) how many layers in tcp/ip and wich layers are extra in osi model
8) tcp/ip conection oriented or conectionless
9) wht is DNs he was trying to ask in detail but as i havnot read so i said tht
10) wht is arp
11) wht is rarp
12) wht is ATM(asynchronous mode transfer) 

1) wht is primary key
2) if ther is no primary key how will u uniquely identify each tuple (i said composite key or super key)
3) diff between tuple and attribute
4) wht r anomalies explain each in detail (like insertion anomaly deletion and modification anomaly)
5) wht is foreign key constraint
6) if i want to delete a tuple from a table having reference in so other table thn wht will happen (concept of cascade comes else error)
7) wht r triggers explain
8) if i want to hav som tuples havind null value wht to do (outer join)
9) wht if i join two tables and no primary key (spurious tuples generate redundant data)
10) he asked me wht will u do if need to retrieve this so basically query
and select first four tuples
select *
from employee
where salary
thn apply rownum<=4 to select first four tuples
11) diff betweenoracle 9i and oracle 8
12) diff between dbms, rdbms, ordbms 

1) wht is os
2) wht is a process
3) diff between process and thread
4) if threads share data section wht will happen
(concept of semaphore and crtitcal section comes so )
5) wht is semaphore
6) wht other thing semaphore do except synchronisation
7) wht else happen in threads and process so deadlock concept comes
8) deadlocks, and i told abt 4 conditons of deadlocks also
9) in os wher do u use stacks and queues
(like stacks for saving process satate , on system call context switch etc and queue in scheduling so he asked do we hav only fifo scheduling)
10) so types of scheduling 

Data Structure
1) u hav fifteen boxes in kitchen and ur mom asked u to make foos for 1 month, wht will u do to make food fast (thn concept of sorting came)
i said i will put name tag on boxes and thn sort thm in ascending order or i can put thm in order of color shade firstly lightest and thn little darker and soon but tht can create confusion so first is better way
2)u hav 1000 names in unorder manner and i asked u to pick any name of my choice randomly and thn giv me complete info of tht person so wht ds will u use
i said firstly i will sort thm thn i will use hashing/btrees as thy r faster in decreasing search domain,
thy asked wich sort will u use
i said radix as good for strings , he asked if one more name increase or decrease i said radix sort take linear time so doesnot affect much on time
he said if names r vary in length like one is venkateshraman other is raj i said sort from 3rd last letter or use padding.
3) wht is heapsort, concept . wher u can apply it
4) wht all ds u know
i said heaps binomial fiboncaai, liked list stacks queues trees arrays etc
5) advantage and disadvantage of linked list and array over each other in temrs of memory allocation
6) insert and delete a node in a linked list write a code(not from me)

basically thy asked asll application based question on data structure 
1) write a java code of swapping to name via calling object as parameter and asked whther result will reflect in main or not
(as object passed as a reference so reuslt will be reflected)
2) in java we use call by reference or call by value
3) wht r interfaces
4) diff between interfaces and abstraction


HR: tell me about ur self

HR: well…r u familiar with C…

HR: WAP to print a pattern * ** *** ****

HR: what is ur area of interest…

Hr: write a program to add a node to a link list?

Hr: have done any project…..

HR: what it LAN?

HR: what is MAC?

HR: what is Modem?



Questions on


OOPS concepts,

Deff b/w DBMS and RDBMS,

Projects you have done (UG&PG),

OS (UNIX,WIN), etc..s

ql,java,data structure

question from the techincal written round do u rate urself in c & c++.  I said in c its 7 and in c++  its 8.
2.why there is a difference?i replied that though I know all concepts of c, but rightnow I have not much idea abt linked list,stack,tree.
3.well if I will say u to implement linked list using c++,can u do it? I

4.what is early binding & late binding?
5.what is virtual?explain with example?
6.can u define a class in real life?

7.wap to insert & retrieve data into a 3d matrix?

There r  9 balls having equal volume,equal color.But one of them is slightly heavier than the u tell me the shortest way to find out the heavier one?


                This round is for formality. But do this well. Be ready to answer stress related ques like “Have u gone thru previous year papers in sites?” or “Why r ur marks inconsistent from school to college?”

HR Questions

o   Tell me something about yourself??

  • How did u write your written test???
  • Family Back Ground?
  • What’s your strengths and weakness?

o   What r ur hobbies?

o   Who keeps you motivating towards your goal?

o   Do you hv any other offers with you right now?

o   why didnt u go to previous companies??

o   Why CSC?

o   Have u heard abt CSC before??

o   Which Platform do u want to work on?

o   Which environment u would like to work?

o   Are you flexible about locations in India and outside India?

o   Do u know the bond and condition that if u leave the company b4 2 yr,u will hav to pay a sum of 1 lakh?

o   Do u have any qts ?

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