(1) Written test —–
(a) Aptitude test common for all branch.
(b) Five type of paper in Stress analysis, CFD, Chemical Engg, Electrical & Instrumentation, C- language test.
I attended CFD —– there were 10 questions in aptitude and 10 in Fluid and heat- – transfer.
Some questions are as follows based on my memory –
(1) What is the probability of getting a two digit number which is multiple of 2 and 3 both?
(2) One insect is trying to climb on a pole and in each second it goes for some height but it slips down for some distance … how much time it will get on the top…? (I am missing some numerical values but….i hope u have got my point)
(3) One helicopter start to fly from Delhi at 2 pm with speed 600 kph for the distance 2400km but after start of its journey its on of engine got failed and then pilot reduces its speed 400 kph ….now he become 80min late….Find that at what time engine failed?
(4) Calculate the max area of rectangle that is inscribed in a 14 cm radius circle?
(5) One question form BAR CHART?
(6) One question from work and wages?
(7) Max number that is devisable by three consecutive even numbers?
(8) —
(9) —
(10) — Thermal & Fluid
(1) What is Kirchoff’s law?
(2) What is the adiabatic flame temperature?
(3) What is the analogy of Grasoff’s number in forced convection (Ans –Pr)?
(4) What is the Neumann’s BC & Drichlet’s BC?
(5) What is the work that is obtained when the pressure and volume changes from P1to P2 and V1 to V2?
(6) What is the max to average velocity ratio in turbulent tube flow?
(7) Relation in viscous sub layer ….( Ans U+=y+)?
(8) Raleigh Number’s significance?
(9) —
(10) —
After I got selected in written ….I appeared for Tech Interview and then HR interview
Tech interview is basically elimination process and questions were from the Project work .
HR interview is 95% selective process…
Finally I selected in GE – Banglore.
Good luck…see you in GE Form –
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