GE Placement-Paper

Aptitude Interview IT Company Practice Paper

Hello Guys


In GE.there are three rounds
1.Written test
2.Technical round(elimination round)
3.HR interview.
In first round,there was a wriiten test which includes 3 SECTIONS EACH OF 20 minutes.
In  APTITUTE GENERAL:10 questions
Areas are:
boats and streams, revolutions of wheel,figure guessing, to find odd one out.Coding and decoding, probability.
As I am a student of mechanical, we had other test papers of
STRESS:10 questions
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS. shear stress.principal streses, hoop stress, load buckling, matrix based calculation  of stress.
whole test based on numericals which are not complex ones, displacement based,
Heat Transfer and thermal: 10 questions in 20 min
1.Dimensionless numbers, thermall diffusivity,convection,conduction,fuels.
Try to go for solving numericals .
I hope this information may help you.

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