Aptitude Interview IT Company Practice Paper


Hi friends… My name is govindram doing my final year b.tech (cse)(2005-2009) at sri manakula vinyagar engineering college,pondicherry.I attended my campus placement at pondicherry university on 25 & 26 of june 2008

There were actually four rounds they are
1) aptitude (English and aptitude)
2)technical 1 interview
3)technical 2 interview

there were actually 50 questions in 50 min.i have never seen such a easiest question paper in my life.There were 4 sets of question paper.no negative  marking
1-20 english passage——– 5 Questions(very easy  direct answers)
correct the sentences
jumbled sentences
2 synonyms(not gre)
2 antonyms(not gre) just basic words

20-50 verbal &non verbal + aptitude
17 questions from  verbal &non verbal
sylogism —2 question
image qustion—-two images were given and they are overlapped …
data interpertation –tabulation question
coding & decoding

13 questions from aptitude
they were from ratio & proportion, time and work, compound interest, upstream and a downstream sum, average,time and distance, probability ,S.Ifrom R.S agarwal
some question like
1) product of three numbers is 30,000 and they are in ratio 2:3:9 find the largest number

2)milk and water are in ratio 5:7  some more milk added (i dont remmember the exact value) the ratio became (i think) 6:7 wat is amt of milk after adding

3)upstream and downstream sum.(speed of boat in upstream and down stream were given find speed in still water

4)average sum (simple)like average in first 12 and last 12 .find the 12 number

5)compund interest(quaTERLY INTEREST)

6)x+6756=347*(567+908) . find x (value not sure)

7)22^2 * 33 ^3 . find the last digit of the result others i don’t remember look the some previous year question from previous pattern(15 question pattern) for aptitude that’s enough

They told 30 was the cut-off.  they also had sectional cut-off ( 8 for english and 12 for apti).The paper was so easy…..i think they had increased cut-off because the no. of students cleared the first round was less….Totally 700 students from pondichery university affiliated colleges attended the test.87 were shortlisted. i was one among them.The apti was conducted on 25 june 2008 and other rounds on 26th june

1)my area of interest was oops so question were asked from that
2)virtual function was asked with coding
3) a c program was asked
4) a sql query was asked
5)question from my mini project & paper presentation
6)question from stack and queue
7)linked list
8)difference between c++ and java(ans. platform independent)

i cleared my Technical 1

1) tell abt myself ( i got stuck while answering)
2) question from my project
since i know french language……they asked me to talk in french…since i got stuck while answering tel abt my self i thought i will be eliminated…..but French saved me……

Lots of questions asked like
1) abt my family
2) why igate? what abt ur previous company that u attened wat was the reason u were not selected( i said i dont want to be one in one lakh) hr was impressed by my answer
3)do u watch news?wat channel
4)do u read books
6)my adaptibility

Finally the result was announced on 26 june 2008 at 6 pm . 16 students were selected from 87…I was one amoung them…thank god i finnaly got it.2.7 lakh/annum was the package..igate was my third company….so never lose ur hope….be confident…..have some good knowledge in technical. apti is not a big deal ….be self motivated..All the best——–see u at igate

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