Hi friends Here goes my experience in I-Gate Solutions!

First was aptitude test. 15 questions. 30 minutes.. No choices.. No working sheets also! Find answer on ur own and write it down.. No -ve marking!
Questions: All quesion are easy if u have read R S AGGARWAL.

some quesitions: (numerical figures not correct)
–> if traveleld faster by 30kmph he would have reached 3 minuets earlier.. if travveled 30 lmph slower he will reach 3 minutes later.. so whts the original speed?
—>sea:bank  then ____:coast  (ans OCEAN)
–> a question on mixtures.  water and milk in some ratio.. total price is given.. wht is the amount of milk….
—>ratio of  1t class and 2nd class ticket is 1:4.. no of tickets sold in the ratio 4:1. total amount collected is given.. fine colection from first clas alone
—>some coding related question.. ABC HAKDH IAS  is denoted as JIADJ ADH AH  9some thign like tht)  simple ones!
–>number series..  x/5,  x/4  x/3  x/2  x/1 was the series..
cut off was 8 i think..
Took 28 from total of around 450 people.

Next was  interviews
1)tech interview: most students said a lot of tech question were asked.. from c,cpp,dbms,os, data structures, sorting algortithms.

Simple Rule: BE Confident in wht u say!! else they ask us more details..
Interviewer asked me which all sorting algorithm i know.”i said quick bubblle insertion slection”
then asked complexity of each.. thts all
Some were asked linked lists.. (no program was asked.. just explain concepts)
then referential integrity,foreign keys, types of sql quires (seletc, delet etc) etc etc

for me tech was little only! my resume said i have good interests in stock markets. so he asked a lot about that! i answered all of them and then asked 4-5 tech questions.. and about MINI PROJECT was aked..

Then interviewer will ask about ur marks in each sem.. if there is any drop,, he asks why..
for me its was a drop from 92 in 10th  to 82% in 12th to 69% in betch! he asked me why.. just admitted i didnt study well ..and said i will score better in coming semester and will mak aggragate to 73%.. he asked 3-4 times ARE U CONFIDENT? ( like in KBC -BIG B 😉 )  i said yeas! confident! sure!!
he said” if u dont make 73. i wont take u to igate!1 =)) )
then asked me why i want to join i gate..
then asked where u see ur self after 5 years.
then give me HR form.. and feedback also was given on spot! (my accent was week.. he told to improbve it..)

then HR..
HR interviewer hd nothing new to ask me . she just repeated wht was asked in tech!!
why igate?? dream achievement? tell us about parenst etc etc
at last “are u wiling to sign a bond for 2 years.”
i didnt accept.. still they took me in!

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