Mock interview questions

Mock interview questions with your friend should be the right way to prepare for your interview. But how to do it effectively?

Choose someone you are NOT such a good friend with to mock interview questions. Ideally someone you feel some natural authority to and do not feel hundred percent comfortable with. The key here is to simulate real interview atmosphere as authentically as possible. If you mock interview questions with the best friend, it it will not prepare you for the big day very well.

Mock interview questions with someone who should be able to give you a relevant feedback. If you have a friend who led interviews before, that would be a best match for your mock interview questions partner. If this is not the case, try to choose someone who is graduated from psychology or HR. Anyway, in most of the cases you might not have the option – simply most people do not know anyone like that. If it is your case also, try to ask your friend who is good with people. Salesmen, leaders, managers are usually good people to practice mock interview questions with.

Prepare a list of questions to practice. When doing mock interview questions, you should be highly organized. Prepare a list of questions for your partner and leave enough space for his notes after every question. One pen remembers more than a brightest mind… After answering each question in your mock interview questions practice, he should make notes about your answer, verbal and non-verbal communication, etc. Once you finished with the list of questions, go through the list once more and discuss the notes your partner made.

Develop the communication while giving mock interview questions. In real interview, interviewers will react on your answers and give you additional questions. Interview is a dialogue. That’s why you should encourage your communication partner to react to your answers and give additional questions. I know that it is only the simulation, but you should try to make it as authentic as you only can.

Mock interview questions are a great practice. But you have to choose the right partner, and approach this exercise seriously. Go through the list of questions again and again until you will be fully satisfied and feeling ready for your interview. Not only professionally, but also mentally.

Practice this Job Interview Questions

Can you tell me something about yourself, in less than one minute?

Tell us something more about your education and courses.

What are your main strengths related to this job?

What are your main weaknesses as an employee?

What motivates you the most in work?

What are your personal and professional goals in five years horizon?

Why should we hire you?

Why did you decided to apply for this job?

What do you know about our company?

Do you know someone working in our company? If you do, did you consult him before the interview?

What makes you special compared to other applicants?

What caught your eye on our job offer?

What are your salary expectations?

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