ITC infotech placement consist of three phase

Hai Friends,

ITC infotech placement consist of three phase :

1) Aptitude Test

2) Group Discussion

3) Interview(only one)

1)Aptitude test

1.Technical(almost all C questions)
3.logical reasoning.

ITC guys mainly shortlist from this test. There were 256 students & only 7 were shortlisted from them.

2)Group Discussion

we had GD round topic was “Should anna hazare enter into politics” , I presented both points & got selected for next round , 5 among 7 shortlisted for further process.


Interview was quit simple , there was 4 panel member 1 HR & 3 Technical. Firstly sir asked me about myself after he gave me a math eq to solve(i ws unable to solve that), then asked about project. After he gave me a program to write in which we have to print prime numbers between 1 to 100 & eliminating every fifth prime number , i done same prg.Thn he asked me a puzzle lastly about my famely background. Only 3 students got selected & i ws among them.

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