ITC Infotech Placement-Paper


I am Arindam Basu (E. C. E.) of B. P. Poddar Inst. of Tech. and Mgmt. I appeared for the selection process of ITC Infotech in our college on 21st Sept. 2011. The campus selection consisted of three rounds.

1. Aptitude

2. Group Discussion.

3. Personal Interview.

The Aptitude test was online and it had 4 sections.

1. Quant.

2. Logical.

3. Verbal.

4. Computer skills.

The questions in aptitude were arranged in such a manner that once you answer a question correctly, the next question that will appear will be a tougher one.. once you answer that correctly again another tough question will appear.. if you answer a question wrong, you will not be notified but a similar difficulty level of question will appear. this was an unique process and everybody had different set of questions even the person sitting next to you.

so after this round was over around 65 people were shortlisted for the group discussion round.

Each group had about 10 to 11 people and was given only about 10 to 15 mins for the gd.. so you can understand how competitive it was.. shouting was not allowed.. and the moderator was quite strict. my topic was : Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi..who is the future of India?? others topics included : Anna hazare.. twenty twenty cricket.. etc.

As soon as we came out of the gd, the selected students were declared and was sent to the interview room. in total around 30 people got selected for interview. Interview was a bit gruelling.. and lasted for in an average of 30 mins.. they first gave us a form to fill up..and then collected all our credentials along with the form and then called for the interview. my interview questions were:

Tell us something about yourself

What are your hobbies.. and why did you choose them

Your fav subjects

What will you do in the future being an Ece Engg

What is hdlc, gps, lan.. etc

If you are okay with re allocation

Did you get a previous job offer in your colg..if not why

Why choose ITC  Infotech

Tell me something about your family

The interviewers were good and were not trying to pressurize us but the questions asked were good and made us think and answer.. my interview finished at about 4.30 pm.. and the long wait for the results began.. finally the results came out at 10.30 pm. 19 people got selected.. 3 from ECE, 1 from EE, 9 from IT, 6 from CSE..

The training will be in Bangalore for 3 months n will be starting from july 2012.. after 3 months either you are posted in Pune or in Bangalore itself.. so ALL THE BEST and hope the above information’s will help you out.

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