ITC Infotech Previous Years Placement Papers


ITC Infotech Previous Years Placement Papers


Hi friends….. This is RAJESH VARMA with ECE family from B.I.T. SINDRI ,DHANBAD,JHARKHAND….I attended ITC infotech on campus placement test on 22nd JULY,  held at B.I.T. SINDRI,. I would LOVE to share my experience with you & hope it would prove very valuable for u in the upcoming period
The Selection procedure consists of 3 Phases :-
a) Written Test
b) Group discussion
c) HR Interview 

a) Written Test::::—-
Written test was of 45 min consists of three sections:
Total no. of question were 40


Logical Reasoning-15


All questions were of cat pattern…….and little bit time consuming and tricky these are ………….

1) The length, width and height of a room is 3,2,1 respectively. The length of the room is doubled and height and width is halved .then percentage decrease in area of wall. is………..
a) 13.6%
b) 27.2%
c) 10%
d) none of these

2) A father purchases dress for his three daughter. The dresses are of same color but of different size .the dress is kept in dark room .What is the probability that all the three will not choose their own dress…
a) 2/3
b) 1/3
c) 1/6
d) 1/9

3) In a race of 4000m around a circular ground of circum 1000m The fastest and slowest athletes meets first time 5 min after the starting of race . the speed of the all athletes remains constants over the race . The speed of the fatest is double of the slowest athletes. Than in how much time the athletes who wins the race will complete the race…….
a) 20 min
b) 10 min
c) 5 min
d) none of these

4) A merchant of clothes purchases the cloth with a gauge of 120 cm instead of 100cm. and sells it with a gauge of 80 cm with a discount of 20% . then total gain will be….
a) 10%
c) 25%
d) none of these

5) If n be a odd number greater than 1. than n(n*n-1) will be divisible by…………….
b) 24
d) none of these

6) There are two machines X and Y .X produces 100X /min and takes rest of 5 min to clean after 1000X . And Y produces 75Y/min and takes 10 min rest after a production of 1500Y .what will be minimum time after which 9000 pair of X,Y will be produced…………
a) 135
b) 130
c) 170
d) 180

7) There are five places A, B, C, D and E in a city .E is 2 km west of D .D is three km northeast of A . .B is 5km north of C and C is 4 km west of D .one per son travels through C-B-A-E-D than what will be total distance traveled by him………..
a) 13
b) 11
c) 9
d) 10

8) One rectangle having shorter side is 2m and is fold along the line joining the midpoint of the longer side. the ratio of longer and shorter side in both new and old rectangle remains same than what was the length of longer side in new rectangle………….
a) √2
b) 2√2
c) 2
d) none of these

9) The multiplication of three consecutive number is 2730 than the sum of the three no. is…………
a) 39
b) 42
c) 30
d) none of these

10) one question was based on factorial which was lengthy and is missing from my mind………..


This section on consists of 15 questions all were from R.S Agarwal….
There of three paragraph based on which questions were asked. Each paragraph consists of five questions………based on memory of my friends and me these questions were………

1)A, B and C are five players who participated in a race the given condition were ..
1)A is always ahead of B
2)C is either first or last
3) D is either first or last
Some conditions were given in the question and you have to decide the position of the players respectively.
Eg. If C finished first and E finished behind the B . decide the position of the players.
Eg. Some condition were given and you have to decide the validity of the given statement in the option..
Eg. I’f B and D finished consecutively . decide the position of all the players……..

2) These are the members of the team. P, Q,R, S,T,U,M,K,L,N.
A team has to be formed from the above given members .
1) Following conditions were given team must contain at least one of the member P, Q, R
2) Among the S, T, U if one is selected than other two must be selected
3) L and N cannot work together
4) L and U cannot work together
5) either of Q and M must be selected .but not the both
6) K and L would work only when selected together .

ITC INFOTECH Questions:-

1.In how many ways a team can be formed in which N is a member.
A) 2
c) 4
d) 6

2. what could be the maximum number in the team.

3. some questions were asked on the basis of conditions given you have to decide weather the given statement is true or false
Nine bottles of soft drink were placed in a row . the conditions given are
1) some are of cola brand (specified)
2) some are caffeine free soft drink (name were specified)
3) some are flavored (name were specified)
questions were asked like
which bottle is both flavored and caffeine free

3) what is the number of bottle that are unflavored and caffeine free both.

4) What is the number of soft drink that are flavored and of cola brand……

c) English section:-This section consists of three type of questions :-
1) synonyms :-
2) sentence completion
3) common Errors

Question no. 26-30 there were five questions from synonyms. These are –
26) Garnish
a) paint
b) Garner
c) Adorn
d) care

27) Advocates
a) recommends
b) Lawyer
c) counselor
d) prosecutor

28) Subtle
a) Elusive
b) faint
c) Innocent
d) Garner

29) Furor
a) Excitement
b) worry
c) anteroom

30) Embezzle

Question no. 31-35
There were five question related choosing appropriate words (fill in the blanks)
You have to choose the words from the options given .
These question were of same pattern of question in the GRE ( Barrons )

Question no. 36- 40
There were five question based on common errors mainly based on
· preposition
· noun
· verb
· article

It was mainly elimination round. The selected student for GD were halved in this round.All selected 33 students were divided into group of 11.
The topic of discussion were……..
1) UPA government policy to support the nuclear deal
2) Love marriage verses arrange marriage
3) Will the jahrkand be the industrial leader of India

It was merely a formality. The questions asked were from ….”C” language and the subject of interest of the student……

First I want to express my gratitude to my friends specially shiv prakash, Chandra shekhar and pratyush for his cooperation in collecting question and data related to it.Wish you all a bright future in ITC infotech………..
Rajesh kumar varma

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