Nagarro 1st written test consists of the following with the time limit of 2.5 hrs
1. Aptitude (20 Q’s)
2. Analytical Ability (20 Q’s)
3 Coding paper (4 Q’s – 1hr)

Aptitude consists of geometry, 1question from trignometry, Mensuration, Profit n loss and distance/speed/time and time and work. This part was easy. Formulas to be used were mailed to us, int prior, but they were not provided with the question paper.

These questions were really easy, and can be done in 15-20 mins.
For above two, books I would recommend you would be Barons and RS aggrawal and good puzzles book.

CODING (Should be Efficient in terms of time and space):
Aptitude and Analytical Ability papers were taken back when this section was given to us. And in each coding question paper, function prototype was given.

Programmin section 1.30 hrs 4 question.
1)Seat Reservation prog for the theatre. Write a function for seat allocation for the movie tickets. Total no of seats available are 200. 20 in each row. Each row is referred by the Character, “A” for the first row and ‘J’ for the last. And each seat in a row is represented by the no. 1-20. So seat in diffrent rows would be represented as A1,A2….;B1,B2…..;……..J1,J2… Each cell in the table represent either 0 or 1. 0 rep would seat is available , 1 would represent seat is reserved.

Booking should start from the last row (J) to the first row(A). At the max 20 seats can be booked at a time. if seats are available, then print all the seat nos like “B2” i.e (2 row, 3 col) otherwise Print “Seats are not available.” and we must book consecutive seats only.

2) A string of charaters were given. Find the highest occurance of a character and display that character.

3) Int Matrix of certain size was given, We had few values in it like this.


1 4   5   45
  3 3 5   4
34 3 3   12  
3   3 4   3
3   3  
4   4 3


We were supposed to move back all the spaces in it at the end.

Note: If implemented this prog using recursion, would get higher preference.

4)write a function to give demostrate the functionality of 3D matrix in 1D matirx. function prototye: void set (int value,int indexX,int indexY,int indexZ, int [] 1dArray);
void get (int value,int indexX,int indexY,int indexZ, int [] 1dArray);
On 26th Feb, we were called for the interview on the next day. i.e 27th Feb.

There in we had to appear for the written test again of coding, consisting of 4 Q’s and followed by one tech interview and then HR interview. HR is just the formality.. All the candidates went through, all 3 rounds.

CODING Q’s in the 2nd written test.

1. A chessboard was given to us. Where in there was a Knight and King was placed on certain positions. Our aim is to reach the king from the knight in minimum no of counts.As we know, knight can either move 2 steps vertical/horizontal and 1 step horizontal/vertical. same goes here as well. Proper image of the chess board was given in the question paper, and all the positions(max 8) were given that knight can take in the first step. Sol : Most of us implemented using recursive func.

2. Struct person{
char * name;
person[] friends;

We were given the networklist of friends. Each has set of friends which was unidirectional i.e, if you are my frnd, then i may or may not be in ur frnds list. okie. Network was like this:

Amit – ->Rahul -> Aman -> kumar
Rahul- ->Vipin->Ankit->Reena->kumar
Kumar- ->Rahul->Reena->Tanmay

We need to identify whether 1st person being passed is a frnd of another person or not. Frnds can be frnd’s friend also and so on. And we need to identify the distance. for example

Input: Amit, Kumar
Output Distance 1
Input Amit, Tanmay
Output: Distance 2
Input: Rahul, Aman
Not frnds.

3) There was a 2D matrix given, we were supposed to sort the all diagnols elements. diagnols of Top left corner and Top right corner were to be sorted in the same matrix in an efficient way.

4. We need to write the function to check the password entered is correct or not based on the following conditions..
a) It must have atleast one lower case character and one digit.
b)It must not have any Upper case characters and any special characters
c) length should be b/w 5-12.
d) It should not have any same immediate patterns like
abcanan1 : not acceptable coz of an an pattern
abc11se: not acceptable, coz of pattern 11
123sd123 : acceptable, as not immediate pattern
adfasdsdf : not acceptable, as no digits
Aasdfasd12: not acceptable, as have uppercase character 

Technical interview was totally based on the coding we did, and how it can be improved.

Hope this explanation would help you.

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