The Pattern of the paper was:

1. Aptitude( 50 Questions)-   +3 for correct answer, -3 for incorrect answer( 1:30 hr)

2. Four questions of programming in c++, questions were:( 1:30 hr)

a) Bubble sort through recursion

b) Display Pattern:


2        3

4    5   6   7

8    9   10  11  12   13   14   15

c) Perform the functionality of 2-D array through 1-D array and in it the functions to be performed were:

            (1) Display the array in 2-D format

            (2) Display a particular element

            (3) Display a particular row

            (4) Display a particular column


d) Give an efficient program for string matching like:

            Text: this is the code in the text which you have to search by code

            Pattern: Code

    Count the no. of occurrences of the pattern to be searched


This was the paper held on 23 September,2006 . they shortlisted only 10 for various institutes. I was also having my name in those shortlisted candidates. The cut off was (80+ IN APTITUTE, 8+ IN TECHNICAL). They called us for the interview on 9 October,2006 .

On 9th they again took a technical test of four new programming questions to be developed in c++, The questions were:

a)      suppose u r given a 4*3 rectangle like (take these values from user)


Now u have to calculate the no. of squares in this rectangle like:

No. of squares of dimension 1 is 12

No. of squares of dimension 2 is 6

No. of squares of dimension 3 is 2

No. of squares of dimension 4 is 0

Total no. of squares are 20.


b)      Suppose u r given a string. U have to find the occurance of the characters A-Z in that string. Each character must appear in the string and must appear only once. If It that occurs in string more than one time return 1 showing it is a perfect string otherwise return 0 showing it is not a perfect string.


c)      Suppose u r given 10000 marks. U have to pick up top 20 top marks from them and display it on the screen.(Use the optimal sorting algorithm)


d)      Suppose u have a chess board. U have to insert 8 queens on the chessboard in the style that the queens don’t intersect in the diagonals, columns and rows. If they intersect return 1 else return 0.(that is no more than one queen should be present either in row or column or diagonals.)

If the queen is inserted at a position in the chessboard, its count is 1.

Then the next round was technical interview. The interviewer was very cool and friendly. He just asked some general questions and then u have to justify the code that u have written in the test line by line. If he is satisfied from ur code then HR interview is only a formality.

6 out of 10 made it through, but unfortunately I couldn’t clear the technical interview.


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