NAGARRO PAPER ON 26 th December

NAGARRO PAPER ON 26 th December NIT Kurukshetra Nagarro recruitment procedure Nagarro recruitment test consists Nagarro recruitment procedure Hi friends Nagarro recruitment test consists 1.Written test 2.Technical Interview 3.Hr,In our college recruitment nagarro conducted written test has two parts a) aptitude and b) technical Here Im sharing some questions and test pattern in my recruitment test experience this will help u guys…. Nagarro latest free solved placement papers, Nagarro latest company profile, Nagarro latest selection procedure, Nagarro previous years written test examination questions with answers, Nagarro Off snd On campus recruitment fresher job engineers graduates procedure ,Nagarro 2010,2011,2012,2013 placement papers, candidates experiences,Nagarro Technical hr interview procedure, NagarroC,C++,java,oracle,dbms,rdbms,programing questions, Nagarro aptitude, reasoning matrix trignometry questions…..with answersNagarro overview:Nagarro-Website, Nagarro-HQ San Jose, CA,Nagarro-Industry Computer Hardware Manufacturing,Nagarro-Size 1,500+ Employees Nagarro specializes in high-quality business-critical software and IT projects for major corporations. Our customers include global leaders in the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automation, airlines, telecom, finance and retail industries, such as Pfizer, UBS, Mitsubishi, SAP and Lufthansa.
Q1. Write a program to check whether 2 strings given by the user are anagram strings or not.

For example:

str1: Are you engineer.
str2: You are engineer.

Output: yes

str1: Am i fine.
str2: I’m fine.

Output: No

str1: Am i fine.
str2: I am fire.

Output: No


Q2. Write a program to find out the combination of an element of each array gives a result 0.

For example:

array 1: {2,1,4,7}
array 1: {3,-3,-8,0}
array 1: {-1,-4,-7,6}

pairs =



Q3. Write a program to get the subsequence of a bit 1 and 0 given in a array of bits.

For example:






Q4. Write a program to get the first non repeating alphabet from the given string by the user

For example:

string = abcba

Output : c

string = abcdecbae

Output : d

string =naveen

Output : a



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