Nagarro Placement-Paper

They have same two papers:
1. Aptitude ( 50 Questions in 90 mins.) Objective
2. Technical (4 Questions in 90 mins.) Subjective

In Aptitude paper there are two portions first mathematics and second general awareness.
About 5 questions are on English sentences.
In mathematics 10 questions are of trignometry, height and distance, profit and loss etc.

The questions which  remeber were like

If f(x) is divided by (1+x)/(1-x). What is the value of x?

(sin x – cos x)2 =0. what is the value of tan x?

If a person got 20% profit on sale of an item after giveing 10% discount. What is the advertise price of the product?

How much cost should a seller incerease the cost of a product so that he can earn 15% profit after giving 20% discount.

In general ability there are some questions of relations, trevelling sales man problem, or some kind of reasoning.

In technical test there is no option of language like C++, VB, Java. There are 4 questions. You have to solve them in C++.

Those questions are:

There is a magic square matrix in such a way that sum of a column or a row are same like



3 5 2
4 3 3
3 2 5

sum of each column and row  is 10.

you have to check that matrix is magic matrix or not?
you have to implement a 2 dimensional array by one dimentional array.
you have to make a middle node of doubly linklist to the top of the list.
There are 100 students in a class. The management keep information in two tables. Those two tables are given like


Roll no Name Age
001 ABC 15
002 XYZ 14


Roll No Subject Marks
001 Math 75
001 Physics 55
002 Math 68
001 Hindi 69
They want the information like this
Roll No Name Hindi Physics Math Total
001 ABC 69 55 75 199
002 XYZ 68 74 84 226
Roll No Suject Highest
001 Math 98
007 Physics 84
021 Hindi 74
All 275
All information is kept in structure in main memory.You have to find last two tables.

What is the least vaule of x (integer) for which 5/x is an integer?ladder sliding question from tenth R.S. AGGARWAL

question on PQxQT = PT2 theorem in circlesWhat will be the max power of 12 dividing 50! (fifty factorial)?

simple question from chords of a circleCAT level question on Work, Speed Time Distance.(in total 4 questions)

cyclic quadilateral.If A is 20% less than B then by how much percent B is more than A?

Simple question on SI,CIIf A and B has salary ratio 3:5 and Expenditure Ratio 2:3 have same savings  and total A+B income equals 10000. Calculate B’s Savings?

Angles question in circles.2 quests from PERMUTATIONS and COMBINATIONS.

What will be the Last Digit of 3458367×9267846?question on calculating no. of factors.

This much xi can help u about maths (25 questions)
now the rest 25 were on Analytical Reasoning (15) and Deductive Logic (10)

AR has 3 question each of it has five parts.In total 15 quests.

Deductive Logic was damn simple and 10 quests.

Now comes the technical part.
5 questions in 60 mins.difficult + easy.

Three languages are given C++, Java, VB
You have to choose one out of three.
I’ve chosen C++

Q1. A Class Structure was given with function names only.
Using one dimensional array make the fuctionality of two dimensional array?
We have to write the function body and the main program which calls them. the function attributes and return type was given. some already defined variables were also there.

Q2. If employee B is the boss of A and C is the boss of B and D is the boss of C and E is the boss of D.
Then write a program using the Database such that if an employee name is Asked to Display it also display his bosses with his name.
For eg. If C is displayed it should also display D and E with C?

Q3. Arrange Doubly linked list in the ascending order of its integral value and replace integer 5 with 7?

Q4. Three tables were given and we had to link them.

Q5. It was an operator overloading question I don’t remember it much.


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