Ness Technologies Placement-Paper

Aptitude Interview IT Company Practice Paper

Interviewed Oct 2011 in Bangalore (India) (took 2 weeks)
1st round: Telephonic interview – Technical (Comments were highly satisfied) – 40 mins
2nd round: 1:1 interview with Technical (Comments were highly satisfied) – half day face to face
3rd round: 1:1 interview with Manager (Comments were highly satisfied) – lasts for 1 hour
4th round: HR interview – It lasts for 1 hour.


Interviewer started with
Why Ness


Oops principle
Object comparison
Difference. between string and string buffer
http request lifecycle
2 puzzles – did not strike me at time
-2 same candles – 1 burns in 1 hr.How will you measure 1 1/2 hr
-How will you tell weather a number can be represented in 2 raise to n like 4 can be written as 2square.


Since each candle takes 60 mins to burn, total time taken to burn is 120 mins… But since we need to measure 1 1/2 hr which is 90 mins, it can be divided among the two candles in 45 mins each… so when they start burning simultaneously, each candle has to effectively burn for 45 mins i.e 45/60 = 3/4th… so when 3/4th portion is burnt we can say 90 mins has passed…


After that I was asked to send payslips, current company offer hike and confirmation letters along with filled Ness Employment application form on the same day. They have come back with the offer letter on Oct 28, with really good package, Thanks Ness.

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