Novell Placement-Paper

Novell Recruitment test conducted on (20/9/04). There is four section in test.

  1. Aptitude 20 questions 20 minutes

  2.  System comcept 20 questions 15 minutes

  3. C programming 15 questions 20 minutes

  4. Passage on java/internet 10 min


  1. A problem on time and work ,A and b takes 15 days to completer the  work,A takes 30 days so how many days B take?

  2. A question on compound interest with 5 sub questions,simple if u  know the concept.

  3. A question on finding the speed of boat given the speed of upstream and downstream.

    System Concept ( mainly questions from OS,data structures,networks)

  4. Berkeley sockets-ans :connection oreiented.

  5. A question on bankers algorithm

  6. Complexity of hastable

  7. What is Cpu timeslice?

  8. Aquestion on DMA
    C programming

  9. One pointer diff is given like this:
    int *(*p[10])(char *)
    Explain the variable assignment

  10. For the following C program
    void fn(int *a, int *b)
    int *t;
    int a=2;
    int b=3;
    printf(“%d,%d”, a,b);
    What is the output?
    a) Error at runtime
    b) Compilation error
    c) 2 3
    d) 3 2

  11. main()
    what is the output?
    ans :stack overflow

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