Persistent Placement-Paper

Hello I m Krishna Paneri, giving you information about Open Campus drive of Persistent System at Indore on 27 sep 2013.

There were 4 Rounds:
1)Technical Written test(60 Question)
2)Technical Interview 1
3)Technical Interview 2

1) Technical written test:

There were 60 Question with no negative marking.
Most of the Question were based on CS/IT subjects:
Software testing ,C language ,C++,Database ,Operating System ,Computer Network etc.
And few of them were Quant ,Logical reasoning and Verbal

Some question I remembered are:

Q)If 10% of x is 15% of y and 13% of y is 25% of Z. And Z=5000. Then x+y+z=? (Not exact but something like this).

Q)Which is the type of Black box testing:.
Ans – Equivalent partition testing.

Q)White box testing doesn’t include:
Ans- Boundry value testing.

Q)Class A
cout<<”A construct”;
Cout<<”A destruct”;
Class B:public A
Cout<<”B construct”;
Cout<<”B Destruct”;

Int main()
Class B b=new A();
Delete b;

Find output of above program.

Q)What are the four main function of Data link layer.

Q)Token ring technology works on which layer.

Q)CMMI stands for
A)Capability maturity model interface

Q)Which function can’t be made virtual
a. static
b. inline
c. friend ?

Q) 2questions were on Deadlock ,they were simple.

Q) Which data structure can be thought of as a General Store Exit Line.

Q) Given Preorder, In order Traversal of a tree. Find the Post order traversal.

2) Technical Interview 1

In technical interview question I have asked questions:
Q) what you have implemented in Operating system (didn’t answer)
Q) what is function pointer. (didn’t answer)
Q) difference b/w abstract class and interface. (answered correctly)
Q) program of Binary search algorithm (wrote correctly)
Q) Program to copy alternate lines of File_1 and File_2 into new File_3.(Wrote correctly)
Q) Create database of Interview management system and normalize it Designed bt not so well).

Other candidates were asked the question on prime number program, palindrome,some file programs, database queries

I was rejected in Technical interview round

Thank you,, Best of luck.

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