Persistent Placement-Paper

Hello Friends,

Persistent systems (PSPL) conducted a pooled campus @ SDM, dharwad on 24th & 25th December 2011.

They conduced 3 rounds.
1. Technical objective & technical subjective.
3. Technical interview.
4. HR round

1st. round: Technical objective.

60 questions, 60 mins. All technical question related to C, Cpp , DS, OS, networking, computer fundamentals

No negative marks.
They allowed 2 candidates to sit in a bench. Both candidates got same question paper, but questions were shuffled.

Tip: Try to sit with a smart friend who can help you.

Technical subjective:

In this round they asked to write a program and essay (duration: 30 mins). Essay has less weight age so need not write lengthy para. Topic was Indian Media.  Just write some striking 8-10 points with some good points. Enough.

Program is the most important part of this round. You’ll be asked to write 1 program on either linked list or file handling. So be perfect t in both type. They asked us to write program to indent a input C program file.

Even if you cant write program just write algorithm or pseudo code. They just want to check your logic.

Out of  250+ candidates appeared, only 60 were short listed after 1st round.


2nd  Round: Technical Interview:

This was the toughest part. Questions may be asked on anything, any topic. So perfectly prepare with C, Cpp, DS, OS, web programming. And dbms most important. Be perfect in basic concepts of every subject.

You may be asked to write a program for linked list or file handling. They love linked list. It may last for an hour or even more.

Depending on performance of this round, they may take another round.

If you clear technical round, you are almost done, HR round is just formality.

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