Persistent Placement-Paper

Hi friends Im vishal hule,Im sharing my experience in Persistent systems

Persistent Systems came in our campus actually for project selection in July but after that we got chance for Placement Drive in September 5th, After clearing Aptitude Test.

Step1 Persistent Systems Aptitude Test

Placement Paper / Aptitude Test :
The Test had 60 questions. Duration was 60 minutes.
45-50 questions on core technical subject like CPP,DS,OS,CN,soft.testing,
e.g. virtual functions, process synchronization,  protocols. testing types (deep)
Few questions were on quantitative apti & reasoning. subjects like
speed-time-distance, Time and work ,profit& loss, blood relations. etc.

Step 2 “written test”

Essay Writing 
Topic was-“essay” on ‘Indian sport scenario’ & 1 “code” – ‘accept 1 file from user remove all spaces between words and copy the content into another file.’ what you wrote in the essay didn’t matter.

Step 3 Interview Experience:
Tech.interview 1:
int- Tell me about your projects.
me- told

int -so your project is in
me- yes

int-what is servlet life cycle

int- how servlet is loaded

int-how we can use cpp methods in java application
me- using JNI tell me how application and adv java application communities with each other.
me- told

int- what is jsp

They ask few questions about DBMS too and expect you

write some basic queries.

Few questions were on multithreading & exception handling.@
I cleared this & got selected for technical interview 2nd.this interview took 15 to 18 minutes

she was very experienced.
int- tell me about yourself

int- which is favorite subject.
me-cpp and java

int-what is virtual function
me-explained using example

int- what is virtual destructor

int-explain the constructor and destructor flow in inheritance.

int- what is use of mutable keyword in cpp
me-told( tip:for modifying const data of object)

int-what is join in dbms.

int-what are the types.

after that she drew 2 tables and told me to write query on a left outer join. she gave me problem statement too.
me- unable to wrote accurately. but she was satisfied with my answer. I took 5 to 6 minutes for this.
(tip-don’t say “I don’t no “for prog&query)
after that she asked 2 questions on DS & 2 were on O.S.
this interview took 30to 35 minutes.
I cleared 2nd technical round. and finally
HR round.

“HR Interview”
He was very friendly.
It was mere formality.
For persistent If you make it through the technical rounds, you are selected.
Few questions like –
Tell me about yourself, hobbies,
What you will do if I didn’t select you., and many more. that’s all.
after that result announced on 6th  Sept 2013 & I got selected for” petsistent systems”
I hope this helps you

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