Persistent Placement-Paper

Persistent Systems came in my College (Nagpur) recently for placement drive.

Placement Paper / Aptitude Test :

The Test had 60 questions. Duration was 60 minutes.

Fifty Percent of the questions were based on Technical subjects Data Structures and Computer Networks.

Only 8 Questions were on Proper Quants subjects like Pipes, Time and work etc. The paper contained 10-15 Analytic questions

Essay Writing was the last topic for which 10 minutes extra were given. It occurred to us that what you wrote in the essay didn’t matter.
They were just checking grammar and punctuation. Most of us couldn’t finish the essay and wrote only 10-15 lines.

Interview Experience: 

They gave all of us 2 programs. Everyone got different programs but most of them had 2 programs in common.
a) Suppose a array has integers and some are duplicate among them. Write a Program to copy only all the integers such that the new array should not contain multiple occurrences of a integer.

b) Suppose there are 2 arrays, first array contains {1,2,3} second array contains {2,5,6}.Print the uncommon integers present in the second array by copying it in a new array.

These 2 programs were common for most of the students. Prepare them surely.

Other Questions asked in Interview:

90% questions were based on Data Structures. If you tell them your favorite subject is anything other than C, C++, JAVA or DS then they will ask maximum 1/2 questions on it and then shift to DS or C programming questions.

So either way, you have prepare DS and a programming language thoroughly.

They ask few questions about DBMS too and expect you write some basic queries.

They told us that their would be 2 Technical Rounds but Only 1 of it was proper technical the other one was more of “tell us why you want this job” and “what would you do for Company in crisis” round.

HR Round:
It was mere formality. If you make it through the technical rounds, you are selected.

That’s all. Hope this helps someone get the Job 🙂

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