Persistent Placement-Paper

If you are good at technical skills, this company is one of the best company for you.

The selection process comprises of 5 stages:
1) Technical objective paper
2) Technical subjective paper
3) Technical interview 1
4) Technical interview 2
5) HR interview

If you have gone through your engineering subjects very thoroughly and if you have prepared for GATE previously, its an advantage for you.

Main subjects of concern were:

* Data Structure
* Software engineering
* Concepts of C
* OS

Your basic concepts must be clear in all these subjects.

Next, the second written test is taken consecutively so be prepared. It has two questions, one from English writing and another from C question. You will be given a general topic in english to write on it, it would be very easy for everyone to write briefly about it.

The next question is to write a C program based on some nice logical problem. We were asked to write a program to read all sentences from one file and replace the multiple spaces by a single space and to write the file into another file.
About 1500 students sat for written out of which 170 were shortlisted for technical inteview round.
If you have survived till now, here starts your main race. Of 170 shortlisted another written test for weakest 40 students was conducted of which around 10 were selected for interviews.
Both the technical interviews will require you to prepare all the above mentioned subjects in great depth.

Prepare your project too.

You would be asked to write programs, write algorithms, solve puzzle type questions etc. Around 45 were sent for HR round and finally 34 selections were done. If you have still survived, you will get through because they don’t filter much in HR round, it’s just like a formality.

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