Robert Bosch Placement Paper

Robert Bosch Placement Paper Technical and HR Interview Questions 

Robert Bosch visited our campus on Jan 2012,Nearly 2000 students appeared only 85 were selected

After the Registration Process Robert Bosch Written Test. In written Test there were 2 sections Aptitude written Test and Technical written Test

After clearing written test Technical and HR Interview.

Robert Bosch Technical Interview questions are based on oops C++,about programming etc.,

My interview began at 6:30 pm. I was waiting for my interview since morning. I was second last person of my panel. It was almost dark. There was some power problem in college. For technical round you need to through in your project and microprocessor and a programming language. Mainly It depends on HR panel.

But in my case she didn’t asked even a single question from electronics, not even project.

HR: Sorry Keshav! for power probs.
Me: Its okey mam. It will not affect our converstion.

HR: So, tell me about yourself?
Me: Told

HR: What is OOPS?
Me: Told

HR: So, you know C++. right?
Me: No mam. I know only C.

HR: Then how do you know about OOPS?
Me: Because it’s a very familiar term. I usually discuss with my friends.

HR: What is difference between i=10 and i==10?
Me: Told

HR: What will be the output.
for(i=10, i<=10, i–)
print (i);
Me: 10 (it is a wrong ans. At last she asked me this question again. Read on)

HR: Suppose there are 3 container. Each contains 100 socks. In first container there are only red socks, in second only blue and in third only green. I want a pair of socks of same colour. At least how many socks I should pick?
Me: 4

HR: How?
Me: Explained.

HR: Good!
Me: Thank you mam!

HR: What will you do to correct this expression?

I was smiling. She asked me

HR: why are you smiling?
Me: mam, I know the ans.

HR: Ok, tell me.

Me: 545+5=550 ( changed the plus sign into 4)

Both started laughing.

HR: Draw a rectangle through three lines.
Me: I made rectangle at the edge of the paper. I used edge of the paper as 4th side of the rectangle.

HR: (smiling) It is not the right ans.
Me: Puzzles are meant for this type of solution only. It might not be the right ans but at the same time it is not wrong too. I can give the right
Ans but at this time my mind clicked in this way only. It is fulfilling the criteria of the question. What else?

HR: Ok

Then she asked me some very simple questions, like area of the circle. She asked me about radius, diameter and chord of a circle. She drew a figure and asked me to recognize.
Me: Sorry, mam I can’t.

Then she shows me a water bottle and asked. What this shape is called?

Me: Cylinder
HR: That is it.
(but her drawing was not looking like a cylinder from any angle)

Me: But mam this figure is not looking like a cylinder. (then I drew a cylinder)

She started smiling.

HR: Sorry, for my bad sketch.
Me: Its okey mam.

Then she asked me about cone.

Me: Told
I told her, like birthday cap.

HR: (smiling) yeah, like birthday cap.
HR: Draw the graph of Sine xt.

Me: Done.

Then she asked me some values of sine, cos and tan.
Me: Told. (Last one was tan90. I told- infinity)

HR: So, Keshav. What is this infinity?

Me: mam it’s a relative term. (there was a little round table between us).
Suppose mam, this table. For us this table is of finite dimension. We can see its boundary.

HR: Yeah right.
Me: But if we put an ant at the centre of this table and ask her about the boundary of this table. Then, what will be her ans? she will tell us it is of infinite dimensions.

HR: No, it is finite
Me: Offcourse mam. But only for us, not for the ant because she is not able to see the boundary.

HR: hmm, let us discuss it mathematically.
Me: Ok

HR: We write any no. divided by zero as infinity (any no./0=infinity). Right?
Me: Yeah

HR: Now, come on the concept of division.
Me: Ok

HR: Suppose I have something, say cake and I am dividing it into two people.
Then we write ½=0.5. that’s means I will get 0.5. likewise 0.3 for 3 people and so on right?

Me: Yes
HR: Now suppose I am not sharing my cake with anybody. That means I will have whole cake remaining.
Mathematically, it should be…. 1/0=1. Right?
Me: No mam
HR: Why? I am not sharing my cake with anybody i.e. zero. And I have the whole cake i.e. 1.
Me: Mam, actually what are you saying is correct logically but your interpretation with mathematics is wrong.
HR: Can you explain. How?
Me: Yes.

HR: Tell me.
Me: You said you are not sharing with anybody, but you are sharing it with yourself. That is there will not be zero(0) in the expression. There will be one(1)
i.e, 1/1=1.

Now it is right!

HR: hmm, your concept of mathematics seems very strong. That’s nice.
Me: Thank you mam. Its my pleasure.

HR: This zero is very powerful. We are great! We gave the concept of zero.
Me: Yes mam, Aryabhata was a great mathematician.

HR: Okey Keshav, I am impressed with your ans but would you like to rethink about this question (the same question for which I had given a wrong ans.)

Question was if (i=10,i<=10,i–)

Me: Yes mam.
(This time I gave the right answer and tell her sorry about the wrong answer.)
Ans will be 109876543210, ans it will not stop.

HR: Okey, okey but this a problem then?
Me: Yes, it is.

HR: How to stop it?
Me: We will use break statement. Tell me the your requirement mam.

HR: I want to stop it just after when it prints 0.
If (i==0)

HR: Good
Me: Thank you mam.

HR: Okey Keshav. I’m done with you. Come tomorrow, you will have your HR round.
Me: (smiling) that means, I have just cleared my TR round?

HR: (smiling) I didn’t say that.
Me: But mam. It implies.

Both smiling.
HR: (smiling) yes, you have cleared your TR round.
Me: Thank you mam. Thank you very much!

Robert Bosch HR Interview as usual questions about your family hobbies etc…,

Next day I had my HR interview. It was very simple just a formality. The key is be yourself, tell the right answer, do not even dare to bluff. They are very experienced persons. You will be caught by cross questions.

He asked me about myself,

Family background, Hobbies and interests. He told me about 3 years of service commitment.
Why do you want to join this company? etc
Finally my result was positive. I got my dream company. See you in Bosch!

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