SAP Pattern

SAP  Pattern

There was 3 section in written test

Verbal (25q-20m)
general aptitude(30q-30m)
st section some preposition,meaning etc.  testing similarity
like 1) a)aaccvfgg b)aaccvfg c)accvfggg d)aaccvfgg 2) a)8812.4567 b)8812.4523 c)8812.4321 c)8821.3421 questions like rading pasage and answering there was 2 pasages and 5 questions each 3.general aptitude contains basic maths

qustions like

1. person A starts at 9 am from x to y ,rate of 4km at the same time person B starts from y to x ,rate of 3km .at what time they will meet? x to y distance 27

2. $ for 0 , ! for 1

5 sub questions to represent using $ and !

like represent 480 using above foramt ( first convert to Bin )

3.there was questions that should solve using ven-diagrams (Refer GRE u will get sample questions above mensioned)

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