TCS Interview experience

TCS Interview experience 2013-2014 shared by Samaria on Sept 2013 in Banglore


My TCS interview took place in the last week of Sept 2013.Since I was exempted from written test ,I have only interview part to share.



1 Introduce yourself?



2 tell me about you 2 strength and 2 weaknesses?



3 Which language you are comfortable in?

Ans –those of who answer java ,should keep in mind that java is the language  used mostly for app development, and covers oops and its good lib of functions and modules. so be prepared to answer those.

To be on the safer side I said C++.



4 How do you implement polymorphism in c++?

a) function overloading-answer

b) operator overloading (explain both the methods and why do we need them)



5. Can we perform operator overloading in java?

Ans- yes we can ,although it doesn’t support operator key word. there is some other method for that.



4.why java?

Its portable ,has oops features and good collection of api,gui,and lib functions.



5.How can we do database connections c++?

Ans  Well I haven’t done any ,if needed I have always used java.



6.Can we have 2 mains?

Ans I haven’t seen any till date, so No.



7.How is java code portable and how is it exec on JVM.

Ans I had to actually convince the interviewer for this one. Java produces byte code that is zeroes and ones ,which can be executed by any JVM, but JVM IS not platform dependent (he was like ah.. what are u saying …and he went on explaining jdk)I told him that JVM is different for diff OS .Perhaps after this answer he was convinced that I had a bit knowledge about the subject.



8.What is a doubly linked list?



9 Around 3-4 SQL queries asked on JOINS ,select operation (very simple)?



10 Question related to project?

He had no idea about Mobile Ad-hoc networks ,so he was a mute listener.



11.Expain features of OOPS?

Oops=object based+polymorphism+inheritance

Features-encapsulation,Classes and objects,polymorphism,inheritance,message passing.

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