TCS Placement-Paper

Hi friends, 

I attended the TCS interview held in our campus I am an ECE student.This year TCS kept minimum mark 80% exempted from aptitude test

TCS Test Exemption  but these candidates must write the written ability test that checks our writing skills. For this you need to be thorough with the formats of e-mail, report and letter writings.

I had cleared the written ability test and was waiting for the interview. This time TCS selection process is little bit fast i.e all the three rounds Technical HR and managerial round are held at the same time

As per rule three interviewers were present for each panel but for some of my friends HR round was held separately.

My panel number was 5 and there were three members one lady and two gentlemen.

I was the 3rd member for the panel on first day.

I went into the room and wished them good morning and they offered me to get seated.

HR: Basic questions like how are you to-day? 

How did you start your day? are asked and then lady asked why do you want to shift to it?

What did you get to know from pre-placement talk ? (I request you should know something different from routine about the company).

What are your hobbies?

TR : I mentioned C and Java in my resume.

He did not ask me about C. Only questions on java were asked. I answered 3 of 7. He did not seem to be satisfied but after he asked me about the core question evolution of microprocessors? he was little bit satisfied. Be strong in your domain.

MR: Can you adjust in different locations?

Tell me about the event you participated in IIT r fest?

Are you a good organizer?



My constraints in any type of work?

Above all Confidence is the only quality that is tested in the interview. Whatever you answer be confident and do not try to defend the answer which is wrong.

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