TCS Placement-Paper

Hello friends..!!!

Preparing for the TCS guys..???

Well if you are preparing your aptitude thinking that the aptitude questions will come from the last TCS papers then please forget that because all the questions in the new pattern of the TCS aptitude The questions are all new and quite harder than previous ones so plz plz plz dont depend on the previous ques…so prepare well for the apti coz this time its not that much of ez to crack the apti.
After the apt there were three rounds
1) Technical interview
2) HR
3) MR

After the apti on the next day I had these three rounds. First I got call for my technical interview.

I entered in the cell asking him for the permission to enter in the cell.

ME: May I come in Sir..???
INT: Yes Please…Mr.Shirish.

ME: Good afternoon sir , May I sit sir…???
INT:Why are you asking me…????? If I ignored you for more than 5 min what will you do…??

ME: I’l wait for your orders sir
INT: (he smiled)Ok Ok please sit down Mr. Shirish

ME: Thank you sir.
INT: Had your lunch Shirish…???

ME:Yes sir but not a heavy one.
INT: What’s this Shirish you have not invited me for the lunch…???

ME: Sorry sir but I haven’t seen you anywhere before this interview.
INT:Ok Ok no problem shirish. Be comfortable

INT:Ok Mr.Shirish plz tell me about yourself.

INT: Which sub you have done in your academics..???

INT:OK then which sub you can explain me better…???
ME:Told and explained on the paper.

INT:tell me the applications…???(the sub which i have explained)

INT: So you know any programming language…??
ME:Yes sir basic working knowledge of C.

INT:Ok You know flowchart…???Whats that…???
ME:Yes sir ( explained what’s that.)

INT: Now can you draw the flowchart for the swapping of two numbers…???
ME:Sure sir(drawn)

INT: Tell me about your family background…???

INT: So you are from BHADRAWATI.
ME: Yes sir chandrapur district.

INT: Whoz the MLA of chandrapur…???

INT: So shirish if we select you and gave you a joining at PONDECHERY then will you work there….???
ME:With Pleasure sir. NO problem.

INT:OK Mr .Shirish.Thats all from my side. Do u have any que…??
ME:NO Sir. Thank you.

INT:Ok then shirish Best Of Luck.
ME:Thank u sir.

Then I leave the cell and after that around in 35 min i got a call for my HR.
ME:May I come in mam…?

INT:Yes Mr. Shirish. Plz have a sit.
ME:Thank you mam.Good afternoon mam

INT:Good afternoon shirish.Can I have your resume and employment form plz.
ME:sure mam here mam.

INT:Thank u shirish. So tell me about your self…??
ME: told.

INT: Tell me about your family background…???
ME: Told.

INT: So whats your hobbies….???(guys do prepare your hobbies well coz all they ask abut your hobbies)
ME:Travelling and Listening songs.

INT:So where you have traveled until now….????
ME: Mam I have not got a chance yet to travel so far but I’m sure if I get a job in your company then i must get that chance soon

INT: Ohk sure shirish u will.So which type of songs u listen to….??
ME: Bollywood songs mam

INT: So whats ur latest fav song….?
ME: told

INT: so can u plz sing that song fro me…???
ME: sure mam(sung the song bt improper lyrics)

INT: Ok OK leave it. Your singing is not so good shirish.
ME: I know that mam.

INT: Can you tell me whats the relation between communication and IT….???(asked since my branch is ECE)

INT:SO where do u see yourself in TCS after 5 years…???
ME: told.

INT:Shrish you know the policies of TCS…???
ME: No Mam.

INT:Ok i’ll tell you.(She told me the policies)Do u know the eligibility criteria for the TCS….???
ME:yes Mam

INT:OK then I’m done shirish. Thank you.
ME:Thank you mam.Mam may i know u name…??

ME:Ok thank you DIPTI mam

INT:thank you.
In this way i have done with my both the interviews. guys I have a suggestion for you plz don’t get nervous before the interview. If u r felling that much then don’t worry TCS people are such a polite people and then make u feel comfortable as early as possible. So don’t worry.

After two interviews i have my MR but due to some timing problems then cancelled that and announced result on the two interviews only. Since I had my HR I waited for 6 hours for the results, And at 11 pm results are announced and I have my name in it. Now i am a TCSian…!!!1
So guys BEST LUCK and do well and see u at TCS.

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