written test pattern Tech and HR Interview process

TCS 2013-2014 Selection Procedure, written test pattern Tech and HR Interview process
Hi friends,
some students shared TCS this years information’s from their campuses.

we are sharing this details for your upcoming TCS Recruitment -preparation.

These points, sharing as an indicative purposes. Its gives an overview for TCs exam

1. Eligibility criteria
2. Analytical ability test
3. Verbal ability test
5 Selection

2. Analytical ability test:
Questions : 30
Duration : 80 mins
Negative marking: Yes ( 1 for correct answer and negative marking of 0.33 for wrong answer)

3. Verbal ability test:
This is a simple test for about 10 mins. They will be given you a set of 10 keywords and you should frame a passage( within 100 words)
In this test applicants will be assessed based on the proper usage of the given keywords and grammar.

4. Interview sections:

Pure HR Panel:
Easy to clear for the most part, “It is really crucial that you speak good English or atleast try” “. As far as I have seen most people with good English speaking skills were selected

Asked to give a self introduction about themselves

“Are you ready to go anyway we send you are is there a particular place you like most?”

“Do you have a Girl Friend how long have you been together?”(for boys ofc)

They will ask you about your hobbies, if you say painting for example they will ask what you have done to improve your skills in it.

“What is your fathers job?” or “How many brothers and sisters do you have?”.

For most of the HR interviews there was always a family type question, shouldn’t be a problem.

The biggest challenge you have faced so far in college

Why you choose your department and your favorite subjects (basically questions related to why you choose the department and your interests).


Here you can expect questions like “you have a low score in your aptitude why?“,

“your marks are consistently low why ?“,

“You don’t sound confident is that why you are speaking so softly “,

“you are an emotional person is it not , you look very tense“.

Remember these statements may or may not be true about you try reply with a smile and positive comment like “I will try hard next time ” or “I will do correct these mistakes” etc. Just don’t burst into tears like some of the girls in my college did NOT GOOD!!!

“How badly do you want this job?”
And of course the most common questions “what did you eat in the morning? “,maybe a slight variation like “you look tired have you had your lunch”.

Then there was some questions on details about the company like “who is the CEO”, “What do you know about TCS”, “Do you know what sector in IT TCS working”. 

For these make sure you visit the campus commune website and read all the details.

“What are you expecting from TCS?”. For this just prepare a well rehearsed answer like “To improve my skill and abilities in such a way that it is mutually beneficial to company and me” (What 2 of my friends said , both selected of course)

Some questions from the resume, your co-curricular achievements , extra-curricular achievements. In some cases the programming languages you know about.

Then some of the HR’s asked questions logical questions like 

“Two people start from Delhi and Pune one traveling at 20km/hr and the other 160km/hr in opposite directions both meet at a point who is closer to Pune?”

The answer is easy both as same distance since it is mentioned that they meet, THE KEY HERE IS TO LISTEN CAREFULLY TO WHAT THEY ARE SAYING, some of my friends from other colleges did not answer and thought the one going at 160km/hr was closer.

Be prepared for questions of this type testing your concentration.

“Are you going to do higher studies some time?”

“what is the hardest data structure for you “My friend said Trees, the HR are was like “Trees really what about graphs, the LOLed real loud”

“about the various certification programs you have completed and why you took them”

Tech Panel:
To be honest this isn’t hard really, all questions are simple nothing deep and tough.

Some of the Interviewers did not even look at the code my friends wrote they just took the paper and used it as paper fans 🙂 ,

Programming, Data Structures and project related

“Write a java code using try catch statements“

“Explain about your project, implementations, front-end, back-end, technical details etc” BE extra through about the details of all your projects

“code to implement a link list in C”. “write it using pointers”

Some will ask you to write code from your projects (For some mechanical students theory behind functionality of the project)

swap function without using temp variable

Explain linked list concept /stack/queue/trees

Explain different types of sorting

What is a null pointer, void point and a wild pointer

Explain the object oriented concepts in java (polymorphism, inheritance,encapsulation )

Then the sizes for various data types in C and Java

Program using thread/overriding/overloading in java.

Infix/postfix/prefix convertions

Java database connectivity.

what is a constructor?

other programs like prime numbers, odd/even easy stuff basic programming

Networks and OS

OSI layers in network model and functions of each layer

Difference between TCP and UDP

“There are 2 systems in 2 different networks will you use a switch or a router to connect them”

What is the difference between switch, router , bridge

In OS questions related to the fork() command

Scheduling algorithms in OS

What is a semaphore

How many bits in an IP address

Draw a rough sketch of an IP packet

Layers of TCP/IP

A few questions related to the linux file system

Questions related to network address and host address

How is windows 7 different from XP

what is paging and questions related to that.

process life cycle

What is the ping command used for?

Database and Testing

This was all really easy MySQL queries which included select statements using where condition etc, very easy queries.

Also some questions about normal forms, 1NF ,2NF, CNF.

Black box and white Box testing differences

Types of testing?

What is a test case?

Software life cycle models(waterfall models etc)

what is meta data?

Why is testing important?

This section had the most easiest of all questions, just study all the basics.

Other Department Students Tech Panel

Yes there is programming but it is not that deep here are a few samples

“Explain about your project “(most frequent question asked to 80% students i got this information from)
Then the interviewer asks what programming languages you know (most replied C), then he asks you to write a simple programming like prime numbers ,swap without temp etc. In some cases write any C program

To some EEE students the interviewer has ask how the ceiling fan/generator etc works

For  Mech students and 1 ECE student told me that the HR asked them their favorite subject and to explain about it

“what is CAD(he had CAD in his resume)”

Some questions related to data structures basics “what is stack”

Overall Programming and OS concepts are not going to be asked much unless you say you know them.
For example if you say you know java obviously he is going to ask a lot from it.
Mostly others departments had HR questions only or HR/tech. Everyone I asked said it was nothing tough .Make sure you know C programming , at least the basics.
Tech/HR panel

This is a mix and smash of both types of questions . Basically one HR will ask a tech questions and the second HR will ask a HR questions. My friends kept on talking for all the HR questions he says it help reduced the number of tech questions asked to him (I do not know the degree of effectiveness of this idea 🙂 ). By far these type of panels are easy to clear too.

After a few interviews it should be clear which panel is of which type. In my college the placement representatives were responsible of putting you in a panel, just talk to them depending on which panel you feel comfortable with.

Some important things:

Speak clearly, most of the students who were selected could speak good English

Try not to sweat a lot.

Keep a separate copy of your resume in a stick file.

There was an incident in our college relating to under-performance. Basically some of the students who were already placed went in and said they were placed in such and such company and they don’t want to come to TCS etc or that they don’t like going for a job and want to do higher studies. DO NOT DO THIS IT PASSED OFF THE INTERVIEWERS AND RESULTED IN LESS PLACEMENT COUNT AND IS REALLY RUDE. The head of HR mentioned it during the closing ceremony. IF you want to under perform then do it without it being too obvious. This incident happened in 3 colleges so far as I know, remember do not let your actions effect other 🙂 .(tell your friends who are planning on under performing this)

try wear a tie for boys and girls no high heels(one of the girls in my college tripped and fell in those ).


Once you get selected, your offer letter will be provided based on your performance in the online assignments which they give.

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