TCS Exam@Trivandrum

TCS Exam@Trivandrum

Date, Location, Time 29/08/2010, Trivandrum, 11:30am

It was an online test of 35qns of 60min. Students are allowed to attend test in batches. In our batch at 1hr slot 100students wrote test.

Time was very precious in the exam. Will not get enough time 4 d exam. Out of 35qns probability (including permute-combin) & ages form around 10qns.
And 27 questions of aptitude & rest of reasoning. Some answers were given in binary format.

I am putting questions which I remember. Values may also change. Some questions may be partial also.

1. 20 men shake hand with each other. Maximum no of handshakes without cyclic handshakes.

2. 100 men & women dance with each other. Probability that a man cannot dance with more than two women.

3. Horse chasing a pony. Horse leaves stable after 2hrs from ponys departure. 4 hrs 2 catch pony. Find speed of pony. Given-speed of horse.

4. A man goes north 37km.turns left goes 2km.turns right goes 17km.turns right goes 2km. find distance b/w starting&ending point.

5. Lady have 2 select gloves&hat from a basket I the dark.she can distinguish hat&gloves.14red,20blue,18green r there. Find probability that any selected glove pair has same colour.

6. Alice in wonderland meets a character goblet whose age is 2times alice.aftr 2 years age problem

7. Peter is 2times paul’s age was when peter’s age is same as paul’s present age.find pauls age.

8. From a rope a triangle is made of sides 21cm,24cm,28cm. from this a square is made. Find area of square.

9. In a supermarket average of 4people standin in queue taken 2yrs before is 55yrs. Now a person of 45 yrs is added current age.

10. A toy can produce 10diiff sounds. Nw toy is defective to produce 2 sounds in 3min. find probability that it produces 6 consecutive is 1 in(_)

11. 2x+y+z = 0. Find dist b/w z&x coordinates geometry

12. Age problem 2 grandchildren

13. TankB fills a pipe in 10,20,40,80 litres per hour format 1/8th filled in 21hrs. how much litre will be filled.

14. Series predict nxt term check alternate term 2 get answer.

15. Dhoni & Pointing tossing a coin reasoning question

16. 20 paper slips are there. Al r numbered as n such that n is b/w 1&20. Eg:5th paper slip wil say 5 statements are wrong reasoning questions

17. A scientist@perfume factory problem from alligation&mixtures..

18. 1/6th of a no is 4 times more than 2/3 of a no.find no

19. Age of 2 in d ratio 4:5. Total of 2 ages is 55. Aftr 2 yrs age in ratio 5:7 ages

20. A jogger jogs@1/6th of his usual speed. How much % she has 2 increase 2 reach normal pace of walking.

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