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Hi friends,

I attended the off campus recruitment of TCS on 21,August 2010 in Hyderabad. Actually TCS recently have changed the pattern of their test.

They refer it as Touchstone test. It is online test only.

Pattern: 35 questions in 60 min(no verbal questions, only aptitude questions). There is negative mark of 1/3 for each wrong answer.

The time is more than sufficient if we concentrate only in the questions instead of viewing the help option (an option which is available at one end of the question paper in which a list of formulae is available).

Friends the questions were given as a paragraph like format and the required question part will be mostly in last sentences.
I have given the required part only not the entire paragraph. So use the time effectively to grasp the main question while attending the test.

Some of the questions are

1. A vendor sells 1 apple for 1 penny, 2 grapes for 1 penny, 3 bananas for 1 penny. A man spends 7 penny and gives equal amount of fruits to each of his three daughters. What is the possible number of fruits each daughter gets? Ans: 1 apple,2 grape,2 banana

2. Simple algebraic sum….[(67*67*67)-(39*39*39)] / [(67*67)+(67*39)+(39*39)] = ?
We can solve this by using the formula..(a^3-b^3)=(a-b)(a^2+ab+b^2)

3. There was a scientist who after doing research, found that color of skin of animals vary with change in distance. One day he started to chase a beer .He walked 1 mile towards north, then turned and walked 1 mile towards east and then caught the beer and radio-ribboned the beer Then he left the beer at that spot and returned to his base-station taking a turn towards south (walked 1 mile towards south). Then what was the color of beer at that spot?
I was astonished to see this question and Iam unable to think the logic behind this.

4. 5 persons standing in queue with different age group, two years ago their average age will be X(I couldn’t remember) and 6th person joined with them. hence the current average age has become Y(I couldn’t remember). find the age of seventh person?

5. Horse started to chase dog as it relieved stable three hrs ago. Avg speed of the horse was given and the time horse chased dog was also given. What is the speed of the dog?

6. 5,9,12,18,26,36,47,72,–? Here odd terms have differences as multiples of 7 and even terms adds with themselves to form the next number. So answer is 75.

7. In Tnagar many buildings were under residential category. for buildings they number as 1 to 100. For shops, corporation numbered between 150 and 200 only prime numbers. how many time 4 will appear in building numbering? Ans: 19

8. Jumbled letters, choices were given whether the word is bird or city or sweet……parakeet (answer)
Ans: bird (category)

9. Lion tells lie on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Rat tells lie on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Both of them speak truth on other days. Lion tells, “Yesterday was one of the days which I tell lying”. Rat also tells, “Yesterday was one of the days which I tell lying”. what day was yesterday?

10. There were three different gloves. 13 red, 27 black and 40 green. How many gloves one has to take so as to ensure that there is at least one pair in each color?

11. Probability of occurrence of some events was given. Have to find total probability of specified group of events.

12. One person has no siblings and says,” the guy in the photo is the only son of my father ‘s son”. What is the relation of the guy to the person?

13. Difference of two numbers is 6. Product of them is 13. What is the sum of their squares?

14. Voltage and current are given, resistance was asked. V=IR

15. Speed and distance were given and time taken was asked.T=D/S

16. A problem on finding the age of the grand mother.

17. A lady builds 9cm length,10cm width,3cm height box using 3cubic cm cubes. What is the minimum number of cubes required to build the box?

18. When a pair of dice is thrown, what number has the higher probability to occur…the sum of 8 or 9 or 10?

19. A person has to make 146 pieces of a long bar. He takes 4 seconds to cut a piece. What is the total time taken by him in seconds to make 146 pieces?

All the questions will be simple only. All the best!!!!!

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