TCS Placement-Paper

Hi friends,

This is Subhadip Sinha from Bangalore.My stream was CSE.I have attended TCS recruitment procedure at Cochin in Kerala on 15 the August,2010 at Rajgiri School of Engineering and Technology.
The total selection process was conducted by Shreds Kerala. Thanks a lot to them. The co ordinated very good with the TCS employees,interviewers and the candidates.

The first round was aptitude test.It is a new pattern where 35 ques are there and 1 hr is the time.
The questions are basically essay time. there are so many sentences in one question. All you need is to read it very carefully and do the smart work.the answers are really easy. There are negative marks of be careful of negative marking.

Don’t be tensed. It is not like tough. problems are based on aptitude. There are no questions from english.So no need to mug up Barron.All you need is to read the passage very fast and answer these very fast.

Questions are based on :

Number system (r.s.agarwal examples are more than enough)
Time and distance (same)
Time and work
A question on arithmetic reasoning (r.s.agarwal example)
One question on rearrange of words.

Again I am telling all of you don’t be panic to see bulky questions. It is all about to make you nervous and lose your time.

Now I am telling you try to attend 25/27 questions. At least 23-24 correct answers will be more than enough.

The result announced soon and we was given the personal information form.

Second round was technical.

It is very easy and just stick to our basic skills. data structure and algorithm is important. Don’t mug up bulky programs just know the logic.

They will check the logical thinking and smartness in you.

Next round was H.R.

It is tough. really tough. Don’t get nervous. be confident. Here he asked me some very witty and tricky H.R questions and deeply logical thing about your basic technical knowledge.
I wanna tell you guys that study data structure and RDBMS very well.
If you are sound in your basics you will crack it.
He check the very good communication skill of yours, the readiness to answer and the smart thinking.

The next round was group discussion.
Where we were 7 in total.the lady gave the topic “The merit and demerit of world wide networking”.
Here they will check the totally communication skill and the accent.
After hr round we 5 were selected from the group of 8.
Finally my name was there.

All you need is smart thinking and a bit of luck to crack.

All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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