TCS Placement-Paper

Aptitude IT Company Practice Paper

Hi friends,
This is sanket and I got selected in TCS recruitment drive in our college Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Tech on 22nd Oct 2012.
I would like to share my experience with others.
This year TCS pattern was little changed. There were 3 rounds as unusual (might be 4 in some colleges MR round)
2.Technical interview
3.HR Interview


For top 5 each branch it was direct interview.


The aptitude test pattern this year was changed.


There were 30 questions to be solved in 80 mins.


It was a computer based test.


The level of question this year was one or two step higher than previous year papers and for those who thinking of it as a cakewalk as previous years can get some shocks.


There were around 20-22 question on quants and 8-10 on logical reasoning.


Some of common topics you can deal with are


Profit & loss
Ratio & proportion
Time and work
Time & Distance
Area and volume
Permutation and combination
Reasoning etc usually you can deal with most of them.

Some of the tougher and twisted questions comes from Numbers (division and remainder of very large no)


Question like finding 2321st term of series 122333444411222233333344444444….

probability and reasoning section is little tricky…
( you get question like 4 person having race a saying m 1st b saying Iam not 2nd or 3rd c saying m 4th d saying m 4th… 3 of them saying true and 1 false.. then we have to find out who is 4th)
The cutoff normally goes around 15-20 (depends upon batches performance).

**my advice is to cover all the easy question first which you know then go in tougher 1 as it would be time consuming… once you do 15-18 you could touch the others..
Don’t try to just guess the answer specially if you have done 18+ (if you can reduce the option to 2 then go for it )


**some of the question can be solved in very less time if we do back tracking i.e. match with options given. it could be really helpful
around 100-110 people cleared aptitude


Now hopefully you all clear the aptitude round and go through next round (I scored around 24-26)

In the technical round it completely depends upon your HR what they ask.


You may be asked just from 1 subject. you may b asked 3-4 question or 25 question its your luck there.
I belong to CSE, Basically they asked from DBMS,CN,C,C++ and some question from S/w engg. unix I got a moderate level of it.
1st the guy saw my resume and asked that do I know VB( I mention in my resume).
Then he asked to write some query, then question on rollback transaction’s/w development cycle, searching, sm project related and that was all.
If you get lucky then you can get questions such as love marriage or arrange marriage.
This is where your luck counts.
All the best for it.
For me I answered all of them correctly and explained in my own words. HR looked happy and said nice meeting you.
Then I was shortlist for HR round. I waited fr an hour for HR round to begin and luckily my good performance in Tech filled me up with confidence.


HR round
Mine HR round was actually taken in group of 3 as there was time shortage.
There were 2 other girls there. It went quite long around 40 mins. HR was very cool and asked about us. for girls he asked about relocation and night shift (never say no even if u don’t want).
Then he asked me about hobbies other and also asked to mention something other than written on resume just be thorough with whatever you have written in your resume. some common question like
Why TCS ?
Some bond questions?
He asked me to market your self prove that you are a creative thinker.
Some questions about latest technologies etc. It went very well and ?I was full on with confidence. even I asked him 4-5 question at the end.
Finally the results were out and as expected I got selected.
This time they took 70 compared to 102 last year. Finally I got my 1 st job in hand but hopefully not the last

See you all in tcs. All the best…!!
we also have a group facebook/groups/tcs.nexgen.2013 if you get selected and are of 2013 batch then you could join the group. It help in post selection process

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