TCS Placement-Paper

Hai Friends,

Here I am sharing my TCS Interview experience. In TCS interviews first of all you will never know whether the interview that is going on or is going to happen is technical/HR/managerial!!
Depending on your capability there will be 2-3 or even 4 rounds. First question is tell me bout yourself. and this is always the first question..

Next I was asked which subject you prefer to answer from. They asked me question from java and databases according to my project that I made in post graduation. Questions are always there regarding your positive and negative points, how you will improve them, your project work, subjects like software engineering. programs like bubble sort, selection sort ,binary search ,linear search ,hashing should be mugged up even an HR can ask you to write one, that happened with me and many more. rest there were simple questions from aptitude.
Example: There are 7 balls out of which one heavy ,rest are of same weight.
Apply the shortest process to find out the heavy one if you are given a balance? (these questions are based on searching techniques)

In my stress interview I was asked to mark places (states and union territories) in a map they gave me of India. They don’t look for intelligence but search different ways to test your stress level.
As soon as I got one wrong they began scolding me.. still I dint changed my expressions. excepted my fault of lack of knowledge.
They can even curse you even if you are a topper throughout saying that these marks are just offered as a matter of sympathy. Though they don’t mean it.. They just test your stress..

They also ask one very common question:

Do you read newspaper? If yes, then what was the headline today? and if no, as in my case, they asked me what in the world is important for you then?

I just answers with full confidence that for me that news is important that effects me and my surroundings. And such news by itself reaches me. I never found a reason to consult newspaper for them. I mean you need to find out a way to smartly answer their questions even if you know you are not right. but don’t lie. that might land you up in problems. there are many chances of getting caught up. all the best..!!

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