I attended verizon on 13th &14th may 2008 at santhome school at chennai. test was conducted by meritrac. Test was same as previous. After cleared written test on 13th may ,I was called for technical interview on following day. after failured in almost 45 companies finally I got verizon. I was the happiest person in the world on  that day. how I would celebrate this occasion I was not able to think. i didn’t believed that I got the job. here I am sharing my experience as follows:

Tech: how r you?
Me: fine sir…
Tech :how did you apply for verizon? tell me about verizon.
Me: I told through monster sir…then told him about verizon .
Tech: tell me about yourself in brief?
Me :I told about my academic ,strength.. bla bla…
Tech :how you rate yourself in c out of 5?assume 1 is highest and 5 is worst.
Me: I told 2(then I thought what I told it was too high). then I supposed to get some complicated pointer based questions.
Tech: excellent !you are too good at c.ok dear can u solve a program?
Me: that was I am expecting. he gave me 2 c program to write. I wrote…I was a bit nervous.. i didn’t confirm that whether my program was right or wrong…
Tech: ok fine..! can u tell me about your project in detail…
Me: yes sir.. i explained…many questions were asked related to project.
Tech: r u feeling nervous?
Me: no sir…(but I was feeling a bit).i smiled a little..
Tech: ok.. anything you want to ask?
Me: (important question )..always prepare for this. they want how much interested in this company .i just asked about job profile, company’s product and how that product will be beneficial for ordinary person.
Tech: he explained everything. then he asked me anything more?
Me: (I smiled a little).. no sir
Tech: ok fine!! do u have any relocation problem…
Me: sir…I told him that I am from bihar and studied at cochin. that is totally different culture.. but I managed nicely…(he convinced)
Tech: nice to meet you…
Me: (shake hands.. offered by him) thank you sir….!!!

After tech interview I was very tense that I didn’t explained clearly the things…I could perform better. but I failed to do that. i was thinking what should I do next, either wait outside or leave. i rethought and decided to confirm at least to hr. i asked to receptionist that about the result. she told me to sit until get any confirmation from hr. after 45 minutesReceptionist called to receive a call of hr. hr told to go for lunch and come back soon. then she would tell the result. i was feeling nervous. my hunger had gone…I was only drinking water…I was praying for god!

Then hr called 3 person for hr round including me.. i was surprised and become a happy lot….i decided I will perform much better than previous…no any fault…I must have to get this golden opportunity. the two guys came out with offer-letter. now my turn to get enter in hr cabin…
Hr: how r u?
Me: fine mam…
Hr: did u take lunch?
Me: no man…but I will take after sometimes…
Hr: how u came from Bangalore to Chennai and where do u stay?
Me: I told…
Hr: what have u doing since 1 year?
Me: I told..
Hr: what are your weakness? what are you doing for minimizing for that..?
Me: I explained…
Hr: why should I hire you?
Me: I explained about my strength and matching job profile..
Hr: ok fine!! fill this form and give back after 10 minutes…
Me (I was so much excited .i was not believing that I really got job…a billion of that to almighty god…my parents.. my friends.. my well-wisher and to all)….

Offer letter will get in 10 days…I returned back to b’lore and told my friends…they congrats me and become delightful…

Some tips—
*do your home work prior to interview.
*luck plays its own role but you must have to work hard
*prepare all hr questions
*confidence and attitude is very very important while interviewing…
*always attentive. what are the questions asked and what are you answering

ok…. I wish to all for your bright career…..

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