VMware Previously asked Interview Questions

VMware Previously asked Interview Questions List different recruitments all over India.VMware technical interview questions,telephonic interview procedure placement papers questions 

What is Service Console?

What are the basic commands to troubleshoot connectivity between vSphere Client /vCenter to ESX server?

What is Center Agent?

What is the command used to restart SSH, NTP & Vmware Web access?

What is the VMlibrary?

Can ISOs be shared between ESX Servers?

Why is Vmotion so cool?

What is the most important aspect of deploying ESX Server and virtual machines?

ISOs have been mentioned in several of the chapters. Why are they so important?

What will happen if I deploy systems management software on the ESX Server itself?

What is the most important best practice to follow?

Which version of VMware ESX Server supports Boot from SAN?

Where are log files for VMware ESX Server written to?

What do you do if you forget the root password of the Service Console?

Why do I still see processes for my virtual machine when running the ps command on the Service Console even though my virtual machine is powered down?

What software is qualified for use with VMware 2.5.1?

What SANs are compatible with ESX Server?

What are the certified backup tools for ESX?

Can I back up my entire virtual machine from the Service Console?

Im not able to connect to the Service Console over the network. What could the issue be?

I have a virtual machine that did not start up correctly, but now I cant power it down from the MUI or Virtual Center. How can I get this VM to shut down?

I find using commands to be very difficult. Why cant I use X Windows on the Service Console?

Is there a way to mount the vmfs volumes if they accidentally get unmounted without having to reboot?

How do I check the speed and duplex setting of the Service Console NIC? Also, how do I change it if needed?

How long has Xen been around?

What is a hypervisor?

Why did VMware limit its beta of ESX Server 3.0 to so few?

If I cant get a SAN, will local storage with a RAID device be sufficient?

What are the types of Ports groups in ESX/ESXi?

What is VMKernel ?

What is the use of Service Console port ?

What is the use of VMKernel Port ?

What is the use of Virtual Machine Port Group?

How Virtual Machine communicates to another servers in Network ?

What is the default number of ports configured with the Virtual Switch?

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