VMware Interview questions

VMware Interview questions VMWare Technical Support Engineer Interview Questions VMWare interview was difficult to me I applied through on line for Technical Support enigneer jobs positions.VMware all interviews are in telephonic interview 

In my first Telephonic interview it was VMware Technical Interview…..Most of the questions from windows/ Unix/storage VM ware require strong software development skill in C,C++ with emphasis of multi threaded programming, experience with Windows API programming

VM ware in my interviewer was pleasant and friendly .This section was little bit difficult After a week got the second round of interview call.. This was short interview around 25 minutes
Very strong coding skills including diagnostic and troubleshooting skills, virtualization, networking and remote protocols and data base questions

VM ware interview was not easy.. My advice is that through your knowledge. deep knowledge is needed

Before attending VM Ware interview .refer VMware sites abut VMware, products their careers advices, I forgot all questions they were asked
What are the different components used in VMWare infrastructure?

What is the command used to restart SSH, NTP & Vmware Web access?

What are the types of Ports groups in ESX/ESXi?
What do you mean by a sequential access file?
Explain zero based addressing.
Explain spaghetti programming.
What is the use of Virtual Machine Port Group?
How Virtual Machine communicates to another servers in Network ?
What is the default number of ports configured with the Virtual Switch?

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