Accenture Question and answers

Accenture Question and answers РAccenture previous question papers 


Accenture this year Off and On Campus recruitment drive conducted in my college on September 11,12th- 2013.I want to share my experience in Accentrue on aptitude test Technical and Hr interview

Accenture has 2 different criteria’s for sorting students
Engineering students those who are got above 80% in 10th,12th Graduation, MCA high performers only interview procedure

Accenture Technical HR Interview It is 1 hour process
Im included overall 55%-60% criteria in 10th,12th,Grduation

So we have-Accenture On line aptitude test

Accenture Starts up with some application forms in that forms with your personal details and academic details So filling these applications listen carefully because in interview some questins may be asked based on that questions what you are written in that questions answers ..After form filling procedure next procedure is Accenture on line aptitude test

Accenture new on line written test pattern placement paper 2014 batch 
1. Online Aptitude Exam.
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR Interview.

1. Accenture Online Aptitude Exam.
1st round Online Exam consist 3 sections:

1. Verbal Ability -25 Questions 25 minutes
Which consist of (2 passages(10m)
7 synonyms & antonyms
selecting the right word(3m)
correction of sentence(5m)).

2. Accenture Quantitative Aptitude 25 questions -35 minutes

Problems based on-Logarithms, Numbers, Probability, surds, Percentages, Equations time and distance……

3.Accenture Reasoning 25questions – 35min

Letter series, Odd man Out, Directions, Blood Relations, Number Series, Analogy and basics.

Note: Each section have individual timings and cutoff as well., there is no option for go to back. This online exam conducted by amcat foundations.

After aptitude round you have to face the technical round.

Questions were of basic concepts of C, C++, OS, Network, Internet technologies and data structure.

Prepare your project as well.

1. What was your role in project?

2. What technologies you used in your project and why?

3. Define the functionality of your project?

4. Define SDLC?

5. Define waterfall model? its advantages and disadvantages?

6. What is html 5?

7. What is javascript?

8. Name a server side scripting language?

9. Define os kernal?

10. Name graph traversal methods?

After the technical round, Accenture people announced my result within 5 minutes. I cleared the round. last will be the HR round.

In HR round they judge you based on your communications skills.

1. Introduce yourself?

2. What you have achieved besides your academics?

3. What do you know about Accenture .(wiki Accenture one night before and collect as much as info about the company.)

4. What are core values of Accenture.

5. According to you which among the core values is most critical for the Accenture’s performance in IT field.

6. HR also ask me about the importance of curricular activities in one’s performance?

7. Sometimes they might ask you some general knowledge questions to check your awareness?

Note:- At time you cleared aptitude round the company people gave a presentation. They briefly described the core values of Accenture.

I hope this information helps you all.

These are all this years Accenture placement procedure for engineering and other categories …Now Im in part of Accenture Practice aptitude questions Take free on line mock tests of Accenture. Try to refer, solve ,learn and practice Accenture previous years aptitude reasoning verbal ability questions papers. .this gives to confidence to attend Accenture on line tests

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