Cognizant Interview previously asked questions

Cognizant Interview previously asked questions with answers.Cognizant Candidate experience with question and answers -Cognizant Placement papers

This is my technical and HR interview experience of Cognizant technology solutions.

Technical interview:
First of the interviewer told me to introduce myself for that I explained my schooling and pu education and currently what I m doing. Then he asked me about differentiation and integration of some functions like sinx, cosx, x^2 and some simple trigonometric formulae. Then he started to ask me about c and c++, things like function overloading and overriding, pointer meaning. He scanned my resume and asked about the projects I have done and continued with extra curricular activities.


1) You have to communicate with him clearly.

2) Give importance to resume and don’t mention anything which you don’t know.

3) Projects carry importance for E&C students, since I’m from enc he asked more about projects.

4) Cover all the basics of dept subs and IT student C, C++ and Java.

Since I have done well in technical round they called me for HR.
HR interview.

First he told me to introduce myself, and in my introduction I told about my hometown and all. #tips better if you tell name of your hometown in the introduction. Then he started to ask about my hometown and its special things n all. Differences between my hometown and current city. Then he asked me about relocation n all, I said no problem at all. Then he said will let you know the results through mails.
Tips continued…

1) In this interview they only check your communication.

2) Be clear and loud.

3) Smile through and mention your city name that might help you.

4) Be prepared and ready to face any question because they won’t ask you the standard hr questions, they will check your spontaneous response.

The results were announced on the day of interview itself and I got selected.

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